Summer Fun in the Kitchen {with Your Kids}


Summer Fun in the Kitchen (with your kids) | Rainy day? No problem! Stop by to see some fun recipes to make with and for your kids #motherhood #recipes #food #summer
Oy vey.

It’s summer break.

Time escaped me and I didn’t prepare for summer break like I wanted to. I didn’t hide away in a corner with a glass of wine and a chocolate bar, sobbing that school was almost out. Just kidding. Maybe.

So I am on the lookout for fun activities to keep my older two kids occupied, happy, and hopefully, NOT at each other’s throats. I know I am not alone here! We will most definitely make multiple trips to the Knoxville Zoo – especially to see the baby gorillas that were born last summer and (maybe) the new red wolf pup too. I’m hoping to finally make it to some farmers’ markets and to one or more of the local “Pick-Your-Own” farms. I know my kids love to be outside, but y’all know as well as I do that Mother Nature isn’t always the most cooperative and that means some days during the summer are going to be spent inside. *cue impending doom music*

And that is why I have compiled this list of fun recipes to make with your kids this summer.

I have mentioned before how much my kids love to help cook and bake things. I am trying very hard lately to let go of my need to have control and let my older kids help me in the kitchen. I think they will be excited to try out these recipes below!

Start off your summer afternoons mornings with yummy Nutmeg Banana Muffins for your monkeys. Lots of measuring and stirring can be done by kids. It is, in fact, my kids’ favorite thing to do when helping me bake. Bonus: you can incorporate a little math in with measuring ingredients!

Nutmeg Banana Muffins

When snack time rolls around, the kids can help make Super Slimy Snail Snacks, Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs, and Watermelon Popsicles. The snails are an adorable twist on the classic “ants on a log” snack. I love the idea of mini burgers on a toothpick for snack and my very hungry kids would probably agree with me there. Even if it isn’t raining outside, kids can help make these watermelon popsicles and enjoy a cold treat on a hot day. They would also be awesome for Memorial Day weekend or the Fourth of July. Look at how patriotic they are!

Slimy Snail Snacks, Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs, and Watermelon Popsicles

For the kids who would eat you out of house and home if your house were made out of crackers, let them help you make these Carrot Cheddar Crackers or Whole Wheat & Cheddar Mini Crackers. They can help you roll out the dough and cut the individual crackers.

Carrot Cheddar Crackers and Whole Wheat & Cheddar Mini Crackers

Get super creative at snack time and wow your littles with this Turkey Fruit & Veggie Platter or All Fruit Platter (and you’d be surprised to hear it didn’t take very long at all to plate). I could definitely see my kids wanting to figure out new animals they can arrange the fruits and veggies into.

Turkey Fruit & Veggie Platter

Involve your kids in making lunch from scratch: Creamy One-Pot Stove Top Mac & Cheese, Crazy Taco Faces, and Homemade Fish Sticks. My kids would eat mac and cheese for every meal if I let them, so the following recipe appeals to my mom guilt because it’s homemade. Same goes for the fish sticks. Personally, I just love the crazy faces on these tacos. Who wouldn’t find those fun?!

Mac and Cheese, Crazy Taco Faces, and Homemade Fish Sticks

I hope these recipes give you some hope to survive the rainy days during summer. If you try any of them out with your kids, please be sure to come back and comment to let us know how they turned out!

And for more summer fun, be sure to stop by contributor Jenna’s post about Summer Outdoor Essentials. There are plenty of things on the list that I have to stock up on for this summer! Contributor Caitland shared a fabulous list of activities to do this summer in Knoxville that is basically going to be our summer bucket list.


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