Squeezing All the Sweetness Out of Summer


Well, the 4th of July celebrations have come and gone and that can only mean one thing…THERE IS ONLY ONE MONTH UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS.

I was browsing through Target today getting some last-minute things for our Fourth of July cookout and aisle after aisle was completely bare with “coming soon” signs. I’m onto you Target. I know what you are putting out this week: SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

I am not ready for school to start.

Maybe it is because my oldest is starting kindergarten and I’m in complete denial, but I think it is mostly because I just really love summer. I love things that come along with the other seasons too, don’t get me wrong. I am a girl who lives in the south, so of course I am obsessed with fall, and Christmas gives me all the heart eyes, but summer — there is just something sweet about summer. All good things must come to an end and although my husband says I’m jumping the gun mourning the end of summer already, I just know how fast it goes and I want to be sure to enjoy every last minute of it before it’s too late!!
In one month it will be back to early morning wake-ups and breakfasts, followed by a hustle to the beat the traffic in the car line. So, for the next four weeks, I am going to enjoy the slower paced mornings and staying in our pjs a little longer.

Here are a few more ways I am going to do my best to enjoy the last bit of summer break: 

1. Say yes.

I know that my kids can’t always get what they want all the time, but for the next four weeks, I am going to try to say “yes” when I can. A few extra popsicles and staying up for an extra 30 minutes to catch lightening bugs are little things that will make them have a summer to remember.

2. Make a bucket list and check the boxes!

Time is going by fast! Before summer started we talked about all the things that we wanted to do before school was back in session. Well, now is the time! Down time is great and we all need it, but I want to also take advantage of the time left and check those boxes. Instead of laying around the house on Sunday after church, take that drive to the mountains and play in a creek or stroll down Gay Street and get a Cruze Farm cone! Come August, we will be glad we did!

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I am a planner and it can be a good thing in some areas of my life, but with kids, a lot of times I set myself up for disappointment. Kids are kids and they have meltdowns, and are crabby, and get sick, and sometimes honestly, it ruins the plans. I am going to try to do better and shrug it off, and enjoy the opportunity to make a pallet on the floor and watch a movie or hold my two-year-old a little longer when plans fall apart.

So, as the countdown to the first day of school begins, join me in squeezing out all the sweetness of summer break! What are some ways you are going to enjoy your last month of summer?


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