South Doyle High School Football Player :: Jake Penner


There is a lot of love for the game of football especially here in Tennessee. (Go Vols!) The National Football Foundation is celebrating the game with a special campaign called “Future for Football.” It’s all about highlighting the positive impact football has on players, coaches and fans. Millions of kids play football in the United States so there’s a big impact on our communities, too.

South Doyle High School Football Player Jake Penner

This post is brought to you by our partners at Future for Football. 

Knoxville Moms had a chance to talk to former South Doyle High School football player Jake Penner about the positive impact of football on his life on and off the field. Penner pointed to the discipline he learned as a player as one of the reasons for his academic success.

“Homework became less of a punishment or negative aspect and more a challenge to be tackled head on.”

According to the National Football Foundation, there is an 80% graduation success rate for football student athletes compared to a 69% success rate for the general student body.  Penner is moving on to college this fall but he knows he will take what he learned on the gridiron with him.

“It really made me comfortable in my own skin and showed that I can do hard things.” For more information on football’s positive impact, check out the Future for Football website.


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