Seemingly Small Life Hacks That Make A Big Difference Along The Way


Seemingly Small Life Hacks That Make A Big Difference Along The WayWe live in a region with four distinct seasons. Maybe you adore the moody fall vibes, but for me it is a reminder that I’m headed for several months of gray, of darkness and of cold. The temperature this week reminds me that the damp and chill are settling in for a stay. Yes, we are gearing up for the joy of Christmas, but even that often fills me with a slight panic. I do my best to remain fixed on the beauty and the value of each season, but for me it can be a struggle.

So here are a few smallish things I’m doing for myself to help replenish what each day drains away. Maybe you can share an idea, too?

Make your bed, clean the sink, clear the floor, or fluff the sofa pillow. Whatever it is that gives you a quick sense of accomplishment is worth taking the minutes to complete. I make my bed daily.

Take small breaks and start small. I don’t have to complete the decorating in one day. I’m better when I let it unfold in little bits over the course of a week (or two).

Feed your body and your heart. The season of indulgence is almost here, so I’m proactively being intentional with nutritious, healthy choices. Soups and whole grains are benefiting, but don’t forget to enjoy the occasional treat and share with those whom you hold close. Weekly coffee dates with my daughter are a special treat in our current season. Rest and connect whenever you can.

Live in the moment and capture the feeling. We all know to be present in the moment, so make the effort and really do it. Sit back and look at the fun your children are having, the silly teenagers with their friends or the ease and camaraderie of your dear friends. Then, snap a photo that you promise not to post — just to savor and remember.

Schedule a massage. I love a full body massage, though maybe for you it’s a haircut or facial. My budget doesn’t allow this as often as I’d like, so I’m happy to be the practice person at a massage school for a fraction of the price.

Scripture and gratitude make a difference. When I feel discouraged or overwhelmed, it never fails to pause and refocus on all the good in my life.

I hope your autumn has been full of pumpkin/apple spiced goodness. If you feel a little blah because of the weather or the schedule, maybe these practices will perk up your spirit. Do you have any tried and true ways to recharge?


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