Quiet Quitting: Are You Part Of The Trend?


Quiet Quitting: Are You Part Of The Trend?I hear the phrase “quiet quitting” every day now. Have you heard it? What do you think of the trend where individuals do the bare minimum, or maybe not even that, to remain employed? Quiet quitting means remaining in one’s workplace while not actively going above and beyond.

Is it slacking off or setting healthy boundaries?

Doing the bare minimum and not taking job too seriously at the core, is a disengagement from the work team. I see it happening in relationships that are much closer than most work environments: families, communities, churches. People are disengaging, and we aren’t sure why — there is no communication, just a drift.

The quiet quitting trend is a direct response to burn-out, and so people just walk away. As I think about this concept, what keeps surfacing for me is the idea of priorities. The truth is that we are limited in our time, energy and resources. As moms, we get to choose the most valuable places to invest ourselves. For me, it is my family. Knowing my priority shapes all the other decisions.  

When we recognize the limitations, we can make wise decisions: Every yes is also a no to something else. Choosing how to spend our time, energy and resources is a wise and important practice in cultivating a life that is personally rewarding. Protecting ourselves against burnout is worth it so that we can choose how to best spend our time and energy.

I applaud those who make a choice to step away or move in another direction. But please, talk about it. Don’t make the mistake of simply walking way or quietly quitting when others are counting on you. Share your mindset and own the choices. You will be respected for the honesty and have more dignity with whatever ways you do remain attached. Let clarity be the gift you leave when stepping back from responsibility.

Have you noticed others becoming less engaged in activities or work? Do you see priorities shifting? Have you stepped away from a responsibility in order to prioritize another, more important part of your life?


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