Paddington Bear Brunch


Paddington Bear BrunchOur love for Paddington Bear began when we moved my four-year-old’s bed into our room and I couldn’t fall asleep listening to the same lullabies each night. We got the audiobook of the original story and fell asleep each night listening to the tales of Paddington Bear, a much more pleasurable experience for parents. It happened quickly, and before we knew it, every night was Paddington night. Soon after we got our own Paddington Bear, then a book, and then the movie. You could say the love is deep now. I mean, she even asked our family photographer to take a picture of just her with her Paddington… 

We started pre-school Monday and my daughter is struggling with the thought of being away from her home and her normal; she asks for every day to be “Mommy Day” lately. Sad as it is, I have a full-time career and I can’t accommodate the every day being a special day with just us, even if I really want to. What I can do is make sure I am spending more one on one, eye to eye, undivided attention time when we are together. It’s so easy to let a weekend or an evening get away from me doing things that just have to be done. I have to be very intentional about my mindset and my focus. 

Thus, Paddington Bear Brunch aka “Paddington Day” was born.

We made pancakes and orange marmalade toast! “I ate marmalade,” he said. “Bears like marmalade.” 

 We cuddled on the couch and watched Paddington 2! (Which is the better movie, by the way.) 

We printed pictures from the internet of Paddington to color. We took a nap and fell asleep to the sounds of Paddington, just like we always do! We wore our pajamas, including Paddington nightgown, ALL DAY. 

We read a Paddington story from our newest storybook with pictures. We spent undivided time together, we relaxed, and we had fun. It didn’t cost me more than $10 to pick up the few groceries we needed to make breakfast extra special. I didn’t have to take time off work, or travel to a far away place, or spend hundreds of dollars to have a great day. I just had to spend time with her. At the end of the day, all she wants is me. It doesn’t have to be a special version of me, or an artfully crafted day, or an elaborate vacation. Just her mom, and her dad, and some time alone. 

What do you and your family do for some special one on one time together? How are you intentional about spending time together? 


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