Our Overwhelming New Normal


Everything going on right now is overwhelming. And, quite frankly, crazy. It’s like someone opened a up sci-fi novel and the entire world got sucked into some alternate universe. Schools cancelled, gatherings limited, churches closed, grandparents quarantined, and people scrambling to find childcare in this new work-from-home-reality.

More often than not, emotions are scattered, tensions are high, and people are stumped. Homes have been turned upside-down in an effort to find a rhythm in the “new normal”. But, what the majority of the world is struggling with right now is everyday life for some. I hope we can remember that once all of this corona-craziness is over.

The isolation? That’s how grandparents feel when no one visits.

The worry? People with anxiety face that every day. The moment they wake up.

The confusion? Now we know what little children feel when we don’t take the time to get on their level and explain changes to them.

The loneliness? Remember that feeling the next time you see something in the news about suicide.

The scrambling for childcare? People that don’t live near family and families that have two working parents have to do this all the time.

The fear of job security? That’s reality for the majority of America.

The utter exhaustion at the end of the day due to your children? That’s something that work from home and stay at home parents have dealt with for years.

I hope we can remember all of this when life returns to normal. I hope we appreciate our family a little more, say hello to our neighbors when we get the chance, take the time to slow down with our children, and extend an olive branch to someone that maybe we don’t see eye-to-eye with.

Our normal life can be taken from us in an instant.

I hope we can remember that when all of this is over. 


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