Oh, My Sole! Wake Foot Sanctuary is a Dream!


Oh, My Sole!I’m about to utter four words that might sound like a foreign concept to you. Relaxation. Pampering. Me time.

If you’re like me, relaxation usually looks like hiding in the closet with a handful of chocolate, catching two seconds of shut-eye while Baby Shark serenades you in the background, or using the bathroom alone. Pampering: is that the same as Pampers? And Me Time. What the heck is that?!

Well, friends, I’m here to preach to you (and myself) about the importance of taking time to give yourself all of the above this season. You will be a much better parent, spouse, and altogether person for it. And guess what? I found the perfect place to accomplish all three!

This year I haven’t felt like my best self. I’ve been more overloaded, stressed, un-rested, distracted, moody, and just blah. I’ve been working on ways to turn that around, and when I heard there was a new-concept foot spa opening up downtown, one that combined my love for a hot bath and some effective reflexology, I knew I had to try it. This may come as a surprise to those who know me, given that I don’t really like pedicures, doing things that seem indulgent, or spending money or time on myself. But this place is different. I’ll do my best to explain it, but you should really go experience it for yourself!When you first enter the cozy lobby of Wake Foot Sanctuary, you are immediately transported into a zone of relaxation. Signs on the door encourage you to be quiet and respectful of others who are taking time to experience some tranquil rejuvenation. You are then provided with a menu of delightful soak options. In all honesty, this was probably the only stressful part — they all sounded amazing and it was so hard to choose! You are also able to choose between three a la carte massage options and can add on a soothing pot of hot tea, a sparkling beverage, or treats. Then you get slippers and are ushered back into an exotic, trendy, mysterious, tranquil spa area, complete with large comfy chairs. There are sheer luxurious curtains draping the space, so you can have your own private area or open the curtains to accommodate larger groups. Your personal therapist brings you a warm lavender neck pillow and invites you to relax while she prepares your soak.

Just as you begin to feel your shoulders start to relax, the therapist wheels in a gorgeous hand-hammered, self-sanitizing copper basin containing your customized foot soak prepared with herbs, apothecary products, soaps, pure essential oils and salts. I chose Morning Meditation, and it was simply divine. As the therapist placed my feet into the warm bath, I couldn’t help but breathe deeper. It was a feast for all of the senses. The beautiful flower petals, aromatic herbs, soothing background music, and silky, soothing foot bath culminated into one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had.I topped my foot soak off with the foot and lower leg massage add-on option. As someone used to getting massages that are more health-related with the sole purpose of fixing alignment and excruciating pressure to release stress knots, it was a real treat for the feet! If you’ve ever had a good foot massage with someone trained in reflexology, you’ll know that points in your feet correspond with all of the different areas in your body. So between the soak and that amazing foot rub, my shoulders felt looser, my neck less tight, my jaw less tense, my mind less racing, and my spirit lighter.

Wake Foot Sanctuary is unique — different from most pedicure places. Don’t get me wrong; I do like a good cheese grater once a year before sandal season, but unlike a typical pedicure where the goal is pretty toes, the outcome of this is a more relaxed, more present, calmer you.

Honestly, I think the beauty is in its simplicity. It encourages you slow down and just be. Literally just to soak it all in. I had plans afterwards to meet up with my family at the farmers’ market and to grab some lunch, and I knew this was my time. My chance. Phone down, eyes closed, deep breaths.

Wake Foot Sanctuary is a true gem. Located just off Market Square inside the Embassy Suites, it’s the perfect addition to a day on the town or a great place for a girls’ night, a wedding party, or any other fun gathering. Seriously, mamas, give this place a shot. Treat yourself or put it on your wish list. It’s an inexpensive gift that will give you so very much. Enjoy that pampering, embrace the relaxation, take that me-time. You deserve it.

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