Mother’s Day Gifts For Outdoorsy Moms


Mother's Day Gifts For Outdoorsy MomsEver since we moved from Chicago to Tennessee four years ago, I have fallen in love with all of the outdoor activities East Tennessee has to offer. We have filled these last four summers with hiking, tubing, kayaking, and lounging in hammocks. As my interests have changed, so has my wish list!

Here are some of the best outdoorsy gifts I have received:

1. River shoes

We spend at least one day a week at the river in the summertime and good river shoes have been lifesavers! I have Chacos, but I have heard awesome things about other brands like Tevas and Saguaros. River shoes are great for tubing or lounging by the river and help keep pesky pebbles and other sharp objects away from your feet.

2. A good hammock or a hammock chair

This year, my husband surprised me with a hammock chair to take to soccer games or the pool, and let me tell you, it has brought me so much joy! It is big enough that my little guy can snuggle up with me in it, but portable enough that I don’t have to worry about scouting out a spot by the river with two sturdy trees. A good hammock is also a must-have and I have so loved spending the afternoon reading in my hammock.

3. Park passes

Whether it’s a national park pass or a parking pass to the Smokies, passes are a great way to ensure that visits to the parks go nice and smooth. We have gotten so much use out of our parking pass, which pays for itself if you visit GSMNP at least eight times a year!

4. A solid hoodie/quarter zip

When we first moved here, I was given a hoodie from the Townsend Visitors Center and I have put it to use. There is something so cozy about having a hoodie that has pictures/logos from the places that bring you joy. Consider getting your outdoorsy mama a cute hoodie from her favorite outdoorsy place!

5. Experiences

My favorite gifts have always been experiences! Whether it’s a membership to a zoo, concert tickets (specifically to concerts at The Caverns, a very cool cave venue in Grundy Co.), or a gift card to use on kayaking rentals, experiences always create these awesome memories!

What other must-haves for an outdoorsy mom would you add to this list? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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