MoM (Mom of Multiples)


“There are two in there.” Words that are forever seared into my brain.  Words that turned my whole world upside down. While I knew twins were a possibility I didn’t think it would happen to us.  But it did.  And it’s been a wonderful, yet hard road for us.  While it is amazing watching these little babies grow into their own personalities and working together, there have been some eye opening experiences that I would have never thought about.

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As a MoM (mom of multiples):

You’ll be doing twice as many things like baths, changing diapers, fixing bottles (read more about how I fed my twins here), etc.  At our maximum diaper usage, they twins went through 28 per day (24 hour period).  Yes, 28 diapers a day.  I’m pretty sure my kids filled up the city landfill on their own.  But, I’m happy to say that tapers off and I keep thinking that this time next year, we will be potty training–we might just set up a tent and move outside, I’ll let you know. Also, when one gets sick, so does the other–just go ahead and get that extra prescription, it’ll save a co-pay.

Be prepared for your utilities to go up.  Since the twins came home our washing machine gets run more that ever.  One load a day–nope, more like 3-4. And the hamper is NEVER empty.  And the dishwasher is forever full–most days it can easily be run a couple times.

You’ll be asked LOTS of questions.  The most frequent question by far is “Are they twins?” followed by “Are they identical?” And in case you don’t know, for twins to be identical they have to be the same gender (they are other details, but I’ll leave it at that). My twins are boy and girl, so no, they aren’t identical.

Going out will be a big production.  By the time you get your bottles ready, get everything you need in the diaper bag, get everyone changed and dressed, and then take care of that second diaper change (remember 28/day)–in addition to getting a second child ready–it can easily take an hour to get out the door.  And once you are out, you will probably be in a double stroller-either tandem or side by side.  We’ve done both. And both are attention getters.

People will stare at you.  They will point at you.  I’m used to this now, but it really bothered me for a long time.  I didn’t mind people coming up saying how cute or asking a question, or even giving them a smile from across the room.  What bothered me was the people who just stared at us and whispered to their friends and family.  I’m sure it was just me being paranoid, but the least they could do was say “Bless your heart” as I walked by.

People will feel they can say whatever they want to you.  It is almost like people forget that you are human or maybe just seeing twins makes them forget how to act.  Now, some people are real sweet and kind–and it seems that almost everyone either is a twin or has a set of twins in the family.  I like talking to these people.  Others seem to always ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate comments.  Not cool.  One of the worst comments we ever received was “I feel sorry for you” shouted to my husband across a parking lot. Really??

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Having twins has been a big learning experience.  I am so happy that I have multiples (and my beautiful, smart single).  It’s a lot of work and effort, but it is no matter how many children you have.  Double strollers, double swings, double everything–including laughs, grins, hugs and kisses. You can’t even imagine the joy I feel of snuggling with kids in your lap while singing “Let It Go” for the 10th time, and those three big smiles when I walk in the door.

What are some eye opening experiences you’ve had since starting this journey of motherhood (as a MoM or not)? Leave a comment to let me know!


  1. Im a mom to 21 month old twin guys. My favorite comments are were they conceived naturally? Nope. I was abducted by an alien at 1 point in my life and this is their legacy. Or I am glad its you and not me. W an attitude like that I am glad too!!! Idk whats worse, people say such stuff or people thinking its ok to say such stuff!!! And dont get me wrong, I will share my story w a brick wall!!! I worked so hard and fought so hard for my guys and I am beyond proud of em and so blessed!!! I thank the Lord everyday for placing them in my life. They. Are. Perfect!!!! My heart is full and my cup runneth over!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :o)

  2. try having 3 other children in the house with twins the laundry is never done ever. the dish washer always needs emptied and filled again. there is never a dull moment and I would still do it all over again knowing what i know now.


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