Mama, You Don’t Have To Travel For The Holidays


Mama, You Don't Have To Travel For The HolidaysThe holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy, togetherness, and making cherished memories. Yet, for many moms with young children (me included!), the thought of traveling during this busy period can be downright overwhelming. From the logistics to the expenses, it’s no wonder you’re feeling the weight of it all.

But take a deep breath, because in this blog, we will explore why staying put and celebrating at home might just be the best gift you can give yourself and your family this year. 

The Cost

Let’s address the elephant in the room: traveling during the holidays can be a financial burden. From plane tickets and accommodation to dining out and entertainment, it all adds up quickly. By choosing to celebrate at home, you can redirect those funds toward creating memorable experiences right where you are, or better yet, a destination vacation you actually want to go on…and during a time of year when prices aren’t inflated!

Quality Over Quantity 

I really believe it’s the quality of time spent with loved ones that matters the most. When you’re traveling for the holidays, the pressure to fit in visits, events, and seeing everyone you’re even slightly related to can overshadow the moments that truly matter. By staying home, you can focus on meaningful connections and activities that align with your family’s interests and values. In recent years, I have taken the approach of visiting family outside of the holiday hustle and bustle and it has been an amazing shift. We are less stressed, don’t have to run around as much, and my kids get the quality time with grandparents they deserve instead of house-hopping around. 

Chaos vs. Stability

Young children thrive on routine and familiarity. We all know this, but the extended family seems to forget it during the holidays. A break from usual surroundings and schedules can be disorienting and exhausting for them (and for you!). If you have a young toddler or baby, and especially if you are in the postpartum phase, you are allowed to stay home! Don’t let people guilt you into doing what’s best for them. Your sanity matters, too.

Ultimately, the holidays are about creating special moments and traditions that your family will cherish. You have to do what’s best for your family and what’s best this year, may not be best next year, and that’s okay! Phases of life come and go as the kids grow. If you’ve been overwhelmed by the idea of holiday travels with young kids this year, I hope this has eased your worries and allowed you to consider avoiding the holiday chaos and staying home. Why not visit in, say February, when everything (and everyone) is calmer?

And let’s not forget, the road runs two ways…maybe they could visit you instead this year?

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