Mama Must Haves for Keeping Your Car Clean


Mama Must Haves for Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping my car nice and clean makes me feel like at least part of my life is put together. Carting kids around and being on the run has definitely presented some challenges in that area for me, so I’ve been racking my brain as to how I can keep my car tidy, without going completely ballistic on my kiddos.

So here are some ways that I keep my car clean and ways that might help you too! Operation: Keep your car clean is in full effect!

Trash Can

I’m not talking just any ol’ trash can. My sister in law turned me on to the coolest hack I have seen! Take a plastic storage container (like a cereal storage container), line with a grocery store bag and VOILA, a trash can that has a lid so that when you go barreling around the corner to pick the kids up from school, trash won’t go flying everywhere!


Silicone Cupcake Molds

Use these bad boys to line your cup holder. This makes all those drink holders much easier to clean and you don’t have to chisel out old crumbs that are caked into your drink holder with dried Coke. The molds are easy to wash and they can serve as a dual purpose — snack holder for you or the kids! BINGO!

Seat Protectors

This has been one of the BEST purchases that we’ve used from birth! Buy a cheapy plastic thing that goes right under the car seat and it will save your car!!! It catches all those crazy cracker crumbs and saves your seats!!!! This is the Prince Lionheart one that I have. I actually detach the pieces and use one under each of my son’s car seats. Taking them apart saves you a few bucks! Woo!

Rubber Floor Mats

When we purchased my Swagger Waggon, I wasn’t in love with the look of the rubber floor mats. They were probably my least favorite things about the vehicle…but now, they are my FAVORITE. It’s such a joy to not have to obsess over wet boots or dirty sneakers hopping into the van. They are easily hosed off and look brand new even years later. (Psssst…Costco actually carries rubber floor mats for cheap! Treat yo self!)

Laundry Basket Clean Out

Keep an empty laundry basket in your garage and at the end of every day, grab whatever stay items are in the car (shoes, toys, backpacks…) and throw them into the laundry basket. Make the kiddos responsible for putting their stray items away where they go.

and lastly, my favorite…

Car Wash

I build into the budget a professional car wash once a month. I’m not talking the “$5.00 wash it yourself drive through,” I’m talking about the place where you get out of your car and they vacuum it and wipe down the inside, wash the windows and then you drive off feeling all organized and complete. Try it. You will LOVE IT. My favorite place is located in Farragut and it’s called Syngery. You can get the full shebang for pretty cheap!

Do you love a clean car? What are your hacks for keeping your can clean?



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