Making an Outside Space a Favorite Place!


Finally, warm spring weather is here! It’s the perfect time to add a couple of accessories to an outdoor space for the long days of outside play and firefly catching nights.

Here are a few ways to make your outdoor space a favorite place:

{Outdoor rugs can be pretty and practical. Featured: Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rugs at The Back Porch Mercantile, Knoxville, TN.}
  1. Select an indoor/outdoor rug.

    These types of rugs are made to weather the storm, literally. Indoor/outdoor rugs are easy to clean and are available in an array of great colors and patterns. My personal pick would be the Neapolitan Indoor/Outdoor PET rug by Dash and Albert. The colors are so fun and cheery. Plus, it’s easy to hose off and clean. These types of rugs also make a great indoor rug for high traffic areas.

    {Toss a few throw pillows in chairs to make an outdoor space extra cozy. Outdoor pillows should be easy to clean with a hose or a removable cover. Featured: Dash and Albert and Fresh American Pillows available at The Back Porch Mercantile in Knoxville, TN.}
  2.  Toss in a couple of throw pillows. 

    A throw pillow can instantly cozy up a chair, even a plastic one. There are indoor/outdoor pillows and fade resistant pillows. I love the Lexington pattern in Fresh American pillows. They feel good, are easy to clean and can be monogrammed.

    {String lights are a whimsical addition to outdoor living space. There are several types of lighting to make an outdoor space inviting. Image via Pinterest.}
  3.  Add some fun lights.  

    There are all kinds of lights that can make an outdoor space whimsical. Fairy lights tucked in lanterns, string lights on porches, flameless outdoor candles, citronella candles and outdoor fireplaces can make a space feel inviting.  

    {Add a few potted plants to your outdoor area. Containers can be anything you can imagine. Just make sure you add drain holes to whatever you use. Image via Pinterest.}
  4. Place a few potted plants.

    Plant a few containers with pretty flowers or herbs. Galvanized containers are a fun option and those are easy to pick up in your local hardware store. 

Just a few simple touches can make an outdoor space a favorite place to create new memories and to hold onto the day a little longer. In the summer, my favorite evenings are spent on the porch listening to the night sounds, sometimes reading a bit and having a little coffee.

What’s your favorite way to use an outdoor space?


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