Last Minute Loving Self-Care Ideas For Mom On Valentine’s Day


Last Minute Loving Self-Care Ideas For Mom On Valentine's DayHappy Valentine’s Day! We’ve made it to the day that people seem to either love, hate, or be ambivalent about. Some of us have zero desire to celebrate the day of love, and others hope to have just one romantic gesture from our spouse or significant other to at least acknowledge the day. 

If you’re anything like me, you might have realized too late in the game that Valentine’s Day was approaching and now feel a bit frazzled. Maybe you stayed up late decorating that Valentine’s “mailbox” for your kid to take to school because you didn’t realize he needed it until too late. Or you ran out to Walgreens to grab those last minute Valentine cards and frantically had your child write her name sloppily on each one at breakfast this morning. 

Maybe you were so busy preparing your kids for the card exchanges that you forgot to get a card for your spouse. Or you wanted to plan something special for just you and your significant other, but you had a lot going on at work and wound up forgetting altogether. You’ll grab a little something on the way home, but it might not feel as special today as if you’d had the foresight to plan for a thoughtful gift or romantic meal. 

Either way, the day is here now, and the least you can do is to indulge yourself in a little loving self-care to take the stress of the day away. It’s a holiday that hits on a regular day, but doesn’t mean kids are home and you’re off work, so it always feels like a strange day.

But if you’re up for a little indulgence, here are a few ways you can make the day feel nice just for you as a pick-me-up if things have been hectic and you still want to celebrate a little:

Write down three things you love about yourself. Silly, I know, but this one can be done anytime of the day or night, and it can be encouraging to think kind thoughts about yourself. If it’s morning and you haven’t really started your day, grab a scrap paper and pen, and jot down those three things. It doesn’t take a lot of deep thought to just note down the first three things that come to mind, and as your day goes on, you can remind yourself of the things you love about yourself. It might help the day feel a bit nicer. 

Put on something festive, extra cozy, or feel-good. Again, this doesn’t have to be something you do first thing in the morning, but it can be. A pink or red top with a nice pair of slacks at least acknowledges the day and might help you feel more loving. Or take a little extra time with your appearance than you normally would before going out, even if you’re just going to work or the grocery store. I know if I take the time to try and look put-together, it actually boosts my confidence and gives me a little pleasure as I’m out for the day. The other option here is to wear something that makes you feel good, whether it’s a warm and cozy favorite sweater or that stunning new outfit you got that makes you feel like fire. 

Allow yourself an indulgence or two during the day. This can be just about anything you think of. Maybe you have a secret snack stash at work or home, and you want to indulge in one or two of your favorites. Or you go to the grocery store and grab the last box of chocolate covered strawberries on your way home. Buy yourself a cheap bouquet to take home and put in a vase just because. Maybe you like to paint your nails, and you can make a little time to jazz them up just how you like them. Read a chapter or two in the book you’ve been trying to get through. These are just suggestions, but I’m sure there are things you can do that make your everyday feel a little more luxurious. 

Wind down to your favorite parts of your routine. I think all of us have different routines we gravitate towards, especially as the evening closes out. Once the kids are in bed, there are things we just naturally do to exhale the day away. Whatever that looks like for you, take a few extra moments to make it nicer. Do you grab a warm mug of something to drink? Maybe make it that little bit extra and add marshmallows to your cocoa, for example. If your skincare routine is your favorite way to wind down, take a little extra moment to really massage your skin as you cleanse and moisturize the day away. Light a candle you love. 

Set up something extra relaxing and loving for yourself to end the day. I enjoy a nice bath sometimes, so this is what I’d likely do. Maybe you can light a candle, grab a bath bomb, set up a cool drink and book, and enjoy a hot bath. Or watch your favorite Valentine’s themed movie while curled up on the couch. 

I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love, romance, and delight, but if you’re just going home to the same old routine, I hope you find ways to shed the tired mom exterior and do something kind for yourself today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! From one tired mom to another, let’s give ourselves a little love today! 


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