Keeping the Magic of Santa Alive


I grew up in a house in which we were never actually told Santa didn’t exist. Shocker, I know!  It was one of those things we never really talked about because we didn’t want to spoil it for anyone else, ourselves included.

There were three kids in our house growing up, and we absolutely LOVED Christmas morning. So much so that we would all spend the night in my brother’s room on Christmas Eve so that we could all go down to the Christmas tree together. Selfishly, we knew that if we ever told mom and dad we didn’t believe “Santa” (and all his presents), he would stop coming. So, we kept quiet.

This is a tradition I would LOVE to keep going with my kids. Again, a little selfish on my part, but when they get older and have kids of their own I want it to be something they remember too. I don’t know if it’s what my parents had planned for us growing up, but I do know Santa still comes and fills a stocking at their house for me, my siblings, our spouses, and the five grand kids. And we all love it!


Each year, especially now that our oldest has started school, I hope that we can keep the magic of Santa alive for one more year. I dread the day in which my kids come and ask if he’s real. But until that day comes, I want to keep the magic alive.

Do you find it harder to keep the magic alive as your kids get older?


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