I Am NOT Too Busy


I see your face light up as you walk into my office first thing in the morning. You are waiting for your morning hug. I greet you heartily, embrace you and say “I will be right down, let me finish this up” and I see it. I see your face fall, your eyes cloud over. While even though I deserve some “me” time, I have the right to work, I do have responsibilities, I have made the commitment to be there for you. This other stuff will wait.

It was always my hope to be able to stay home with you kids. Daddy and I worked hard for years to be able to make it happen. I am so fortunate to be able to do this, yet I am wasting away this opportunity. Instead of being here, giving you the childhood I’ve dreamed of for you, I’ve let myself get caught up keeping up with the Pinterest Joneses. I spend too much energy desperately trying to keep the house clean, making well-rounded yet adorable and nutritious meals, pursuing career paths I don’t even want to have right now. I waste too many hours on social media and let unimportant issues take precedence. This exclusive time home with you guys is so fleeting, and I am not making the most of it.

From here on out, I promise my family and friends this:

I Am NOT Too BusyIf in the morning you want to sit together at breakfast, count me in.

Whether you want me to play in the playroom with you or just be a silent presence, I am here.

If you are sick, tired, or weary, I am never too busy.

You fell down and need a hug? My arms are open.

You had a bad day at work? I had a very challenging day too, but I will always have time for you.

When we go out to dinner, you will have my undivided attention. Until dessert comes — you know how I get. 🙂

When the kids go to sleep, we will sit down and talk for 15 minutes uninterrupted before going about the nightly chores.

My phone will be hidden when you are awake. Social media will be a very, very small part of my life. The hope is that as I use it less, I will begin to miss it even less and less.

Friend, our interactions will be meaningful and go beyond a simple one-liner via social media.

You are having family problems and need an ear? Here I am.

You just need a friend? Give me a call.

When you need me, I will be there.

My hands will be holding yours, not my phone.

My eyes will look into yours, not at all of the other things that need to get done.

YOU, my friends and family are my priority. You are my world. You are my purpose. Intentionally being present, being there for you, that is my priority. All the rest will fall into place.

As we move into the new year, I refuse to let what has seemingly become the mantra of everyone I know (busy, so busy, too busy) take over. Instead I promise you my undivided presence, and I can think of no better present.

As I wrap up this article, my own 1.5 year old son brings me my phone because he thinks it will make me happy. No buddy, I am leaving it behind. For you.



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