Hire That Mom

Hire That MomI was recently talking with a friend who is a hiring manager for a small business. She was sharing insights into her job and how she was faced with needing to hire a new employee. She gave me the run down on the high points and low points of some applicants and paused for the last one.

She is perfect. But she has kids.

I sat there for a second, probably not even a full second, and then I let my thoughts fly. Why is having kids a “but” scenario?

Here are 5 reasons to hire a mom:

  1. She maintains a calendar for at least two people, probably more if you count a significant other and multiple kids plus herself. She is organized, detail-oriented and can multitask like a pro.

  2. She deals with the toughest customer every single day, all day long. Have you ever tried to negotiate with a toddler? I am assuming the most frustrated “Karen” can’t compete with a toddler who wants the blue cup and has been given a red one. I’m just saying, moms have a few tactics up their sleeves and aren’t afraid to get creative. Moms are also used to being berated every day. She has great customer service skills.

  3. She wants a reason to wear something other than leggings (or pajamas). She wants a reason to shower, put on makeup, and do her hair. She wants a place to wear all those cute clothes on her Pinterest board. She is motivated.

  4. She so desperately wants to feel like she has a purpose and is dying to have an adult conversation. Motherhood is often isolating and loneply. Depending on the age of her child(ren), she wants to have more to offer than a snack and another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is capable of so much more, and she’s ready to show it. Most often, she probably has a degree that is just sitting there, collecting dust while she pays that student loan payment each month. She is capable.

  5. She has a family to feed and support. She has bills to pay. She isn’t freeloading on a couch eating Cheetos (well, she may be eating Cheetos). She will show up because she needs to. She is reliable.

The response from this friend was, “But if her kid is sick, she may call in.”
Yeah, she may. She values her family. She will always be faithful to her duties as a mom and if she isn’t, then maybe I would pass her by. Sometimes, there are more important things in life than clocking in each day just to do tasks for someone else. She would rather be at work than dealing with diarrhea, vomit, or any other sickness that her kids bring home.

Just because someone else needs her doesn’t mean she lacks loyalty to her job; instead it shows that she knows what is truly the most important job she will ever have.


  1. Note: hiring agents should not be aware of or ask if someone has kids. That is discrimination.

    I have read the issue is more ‘she might have more kids’. = leave, etc.

    Top reason to hire a mom: she has the most reason to do well at and want to keep her job = providing for family.

    Also, in the more modern family scenario, time off for kid illness is shared between parents.


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