Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s Thanksgiving! Today is all about surrounding ourselves with the people we love, counting our blessings, and eating a ton of good food! This is the first Thanksgiving in six years that my husband and I haven’t traveled to Massachusetts to see his family which means it’s the first time we’ve had the chance to start our own traditions! Now that our oldest is almost three, we want to start creating memories that will last forever. Traditions add life and color to the family story and now is always a perfect time to start! Here are a few ideas for you, if you’re in the market for new traditions.

1. Spend part of the day serving at your local soup kitchen.

2. While you wait for the turkey to cook, do Thanksgiving themed crafts with the little ones.

3. Play a friendly game of tag football.

4. Fight the post-dinner turkey stupor by going for a family walk.

5. Eat a Christmas themed snack and watch a Christmas themed movie before bedtime.

I hope your Holiday is full of love and happy memories! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Knoxville Moms Blog!




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