Gifts for Teachers in 2020: Fresh New Ideas


Gifts for Teachers in 2020 Fresh New IdeasWhat should I gift my child’s teacher?

As a foreword, this post is not to sound ungrateful; it’s just to give ideas to those who need some inspiration. This article is simply a more detailed answer to the many “What should I get my child’s teacher for Christmas?” Facebook posts.

The thing to remember is this: It’s always the thought that counts.

The first thing I want to say is this: Look beyond the cups, chocolate, lotion, and Christmas trinkets. Department stores really want consumers to buy these things. They are cutesy and look sweet, but the reality is that teachers get these items in abundance every year.

Before you throw a “World’s Best Teacher” mug into your cart, consider these heartwarming ideas:

Idea #1:Teachers love gift cards

I know gift cards might seem impersonal at first glance, but have fun with it. Ask your child what their teacher likes to eat — I bet they know. Get a $5 or $10 gift card to your teacher’s favorite fast food restaurant or coffee shop (McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, Sonic) and have your child write a sweet card about buying their lunch. This also works well for instances where your child has more than one teacher. You could easily cover four teacher gifts for $20. This gift is really all about the time and thought you put into it. I guarantee an instant smile and warm heart. Cost: $5+

Idea #2: Teachers love household items

Gifting classroom gear is cute, but teachers always appreciate when a student thinks of them beyond the classroom and thinks about things they’ll use at home. All teachers would appreciate a “Warm & Cozy basket.” These things can mostly be purchased at Walmart and Dollar tree. Tell your child you’re looking for something to keep their teacher warm and cozy. Grab a crate and fill it up! You can include a blanket, socks, a candle, and their favorite snack. Cost: $10-20

Idea #3: Teachers love personalized things

A personalized shirt, sign, or decorating piece is a sure way to make your teacher smile. There are several sign and shirt shops around Knoxville, and there may be one in your hometown. My personal favorite shirt designer is Monogramming Mayhem. It’s a small shop run by a former teacher turned stay-at-home-mom and her family. I love shopping local and I know others appreciate it as well.

An even more exciting option is to visit AR Workshop in Knoxville to actually make your teacher’s gift by hand. They have all the tools, gear, and paint you’ll ever need. They also offer gift cards. The Knoxville Moms gals had a crafting night there and it was so much fun. Anything you can dream up, they can help you make. Cost: $25+

Idea #4: Teachers love snacks

Charcuterie, which is basically a grownup lunchable, is the perfect snack for a busy teacher. It has a little bit of everything: protein, sweets, carbs, and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. Graze & Gather, located just north of Knoxville in Campbell County, will make a fresh box to gift or graze on. She has snack boxes for kids ($12), mini adult boxes ($12), and larger boxes ($20+). She also accommodates diet restrictions and sensitivities, and offers treat boxes for class parties or favors. She practices strict safety measures while organizing each box. Cost: $12+

More ideas:

Compliment your teacher’s hair and/or nails and ask where she gets it done. Get her a gift card to her salon. $25+

Cozy house shoes and socks. $10+

Pretty masks (Kitsch is my favorite!). $15+

And as always, the real “gift” is a supportive, kind parent who shows their child how to be a good human. Teachers appreciate that more than anything.

Happy holidays everyone!


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