Five Books Worth Reading And Five Local Bookstores Worth Visiting


Five Books Worth Reading And Five Local Bookstores Worth VisitingIf you’re anything like me, finding the time and energy to read is sometimes a challenge. However, if you’re also like me, your ‘books-to-read’ list continues to grow; my ‘want-to-read’ list on Goodreads is up to 341 books! This may be wishful thinking, but maybe with the holidays coming up, we will find some time to slow down, relax, and get lost in a good book.

If you’re looking for your next read, here are five books that I recommend:

  1. Mad Honey: This is Jodi Picoult’s new novel, and in her typical fashion, you won’t be able to put this down. This book includes a big twist in the middle of the story — I won’t give it away — but this book made my mama heart hurt and made me question and empathize with the women in this novel.
  2. The Measure: While this story line has a few glaringly obvious gaps, the overall question that this book is based upon is wild. I couldn’t stop talking about this book and asking ‘what would YOU do in this situation?’
  3. The Housemaid: I love a good thriller, but I love a good thriller with a wild plot twist even more! I read this book in under 48 hours and loved every second of it.
  4. Apples Never Fall: Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors, and this book didn’t disappoint. As an only child, I love a book about large, complex families — this was good!
  5. The Plot: A book about books? It was weird yet satisfying. This book was unlike anything I’ve read before and was a great change up from my typical family drama/thrillers.

But what’s better than a good book? A great bookstore! As a bookworm, I love visiting local bookstores and supporting local business-owners and book-lovers. Here are a few in the Knoxville area that are worth-visiting:

I recently found my next book to read, The Passenger, at Neighborly Books!
  1. Addison’s Bookstore: I haven’t stopped by this bookstore yet, but I can’t wait to visit this unique bookstore and tea bar. I think you’ll only find old classics here, but these books are beautiful, rare, and vintage.
  2. Bear Den Books: I haven’t been here either, but I will definitely stop in soon. Located in the heart of Sequoyah Hills, this bookstore has new novels and local items for sale. The children’s books section looks expansive too!
  3. McKays: McKays is a great used bookstore that features new books, old books, and books for every topic. I could spend days walking around McKays!
  4. Neighborly Books: This is a new, local bookstore in my neck of the woods, and it’s so fun! Located in Downtown Maryville, these shelves hold new releases and feature fun book club picks.
  5. Union Ave Books: Another great local bookstore located in Downtown Knoxville. I love Union Avenue’s selection of local authors and books about our area — there’s always something to learn!

Calling all bookworms: What books do I need to add to my reading list, and what local bookstores do I need to visit?

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