Family Game Nights: A Perfect Way to Spend Family Time


Most mothers can agree that family time is important and valuable. We have heard for years how valuable it is to eat dinner together as a family. However, let’s be honest; incorporating family time isn’t always easy. We have busy schedules and often our children do as well. Between work, homework, and extracurricular activities, it is sometimes hard to make family time a priority, not to mention the numerous distractions that we and our children have – tablets, iPads, phones, and video games. The family can all be in the same room, yet not engaged with each other because of devices. How can we incorporate valuable family time?

I think family game nights are an easy solution.

Family game nights are a fun way to get the whole family interacting and there are numerous options. There are games for all age levels and interests.

Below are some games you can include in your family’s game nights:

Video and Electronic Games

There are numerous video and electronic games, but many are only one or two player games, so our children often play them independently. However, there are some games that can be played as a family and can lead to really entertaining family game nights. Rock Band and Just Dance are video games that can be purchased and played on numerous gaming systems such as PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. Osmo Hotwheels, Osmo Pizza, and Anki Overdrive are games that can be played with a variety of tablets. These games are a good way to introduce family game nights to older children who enjoy video and/or electronic games.

Card Games

Card games are an easy start to family game nights because they are usually easy to learn and a good pace for everyone. They can also be easily played regardless of how many participants you have. There are classics like Go Fish, Old Maid, Phase 10, and UNO. While UNO is an old classic, it also is continuously updated. Now there is an UNO Attack, UNO Wild Jackpot, UNO Dare, and UNO Moo for younger children. These updated UNO games provide a fun UNO experience. A simple card game can definitely inspire great family interaction and entertainment.

Preschool Games

Even preschoolers can join the fun. Games are a good way to teach early academics and social skills, such as turn taking, playing fairly, and winning and losing. Some of the classic preschool games likes Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry O, and Candy Land are often reimagined with new characters, sparking the interest of preschoolers. Some of my favorites are the Lucky Ducks Game, Mr. Bucket, and Let’s Go Fishing.

Bigger is Better

We’ve heard the saying “bigger is better” and it’s also true for family game night! There are extra large versions of Jenga, Kerplunk, and Checkers. Many of these extra large games can be expensive if purchased, but if you take a look at Pinterest you can gain some DIY inspiration for all sorts of giant versions of games.

Retro Classic Games

There are also games that have been around for generations and never seem to get old. Monopoly is definitely one of those games; it is an all-time classic. There are others too like Sorry, Clue, Trouble, and Scrabble. Target has a great retro collection of these games that look just like the originals from a few decades ago. Enjoy a trip down memory lane and share the games that you used to enjoy as a child with your own children.

New Releases

As you share some of your old favorites with your children, I’m sure they will want to share their new favorites with you. Monopoly Gamer is one that adds a new twist to Monopoly with Nintendo characters. Watch ya Mouth and Pie Face are also new games that have become favorites for family game nights. Also, if you really get into family game nights and you are struggling to find new games, Hasbro offers a subscription for family or party games.

What are some of the newly released games that your children love and want to play over and over? Do you have any favorite games that are excellent for family game nights? Set aside some time, pull out the games and enjoy your family!


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