Everything but the Fireworks for the 4th


The fourth of July is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning the upcoming celebrations. Will you be personally hosting guests or will you be bringing food to someone else’s home? Either way, the fourth is meant to be a laid back holiday. I mean come on! Every other holiday requires a ham or a turkey, but this one…hot dogs and hamburgers or perhaps some of Julie’s grilled chicken all the way!

But don’t relax too quickly. We can still make this holiday a little extra special, yes? And I promise, we can do this with minimal effort.


Any great celebration needs just a little ambiance. There are some great DIYs on Pinterest. From painted mason jars to pinwheel centerpieces our Summer Holiday Board has you covered.

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If you aren’t feeling crafty, no worries! I can help you out. In March, I launched Pop of Happy, a shop offering custom garlands, mobiles and other happy home decor. You can find me on Etsy or on Facebook. And luckily for you non-crafters I have a few red, white and blue items available through the end of this week for purchase.

KMB 4th of July Decor.jpg

For the Kids

Ok, so your ambiance is in the bag now. We should probably make it fun for the kids right? Yes. Thankfully, our contributor, Jennifer, has come to the rescue with some super cute and easy kid crafts available on her blog The Life of Jennifer Dawn.


Let’s Eat!

This is the one holiday that most men don’t mind taking on. Hand them a grill and some meat, maybe a cold beverage, and they can handle the main course all on their own. I could talk side dishes, but honestly, I keep my potato salad and cole slaw recipes under wraps. Yes, I’m that person…to a degree. A girl has got to have some secrets. So let’s talk dessert. My personal favorite!

Fourth of July Decor-161


Red, White and Blue Trifle

This is so easy to make. Basically all you need is a store-bought angel food cake, strawberry halves, blueberries and some homemade lemon glaze and whipped cream to add that extra special touch.

Poke holes through your store-bought cake. Zest and juice two lemons. Whisk in 2 cups powdered sugar and then spread all over your cake. Let this soak for about 30 minutes.

While your cake is soaking, go ahead and make your whipped cream. Pour 2 cups heavy whipping cream into your mixer and slowly add 4 tablespoons powdered sugar at low speed. Turn to medium speed and then to high until soft peaks begin to form. Stir in 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Cut your cake into bite sized pieces and begin layering your trifle dish: cake, whipped cream, then fruit. Repeat until you are out of ingredients! (Tip: I just use some kitchen scissors to cut the cake and strawberries.)

See, I do share recipes after all!

Fourth of July Decor-177

And if all else fails and you completely feel like phoning it in this holiday, buy some store bought cupcakes and some of my tinsel toppers and call it a day, baby. Relax. You deserve it! People will be more than satisfied with their store-bought treat. I know I am. Yum!



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