Easter Ideas For The Busy Mom


Easter Ideas For The Busy MomAs a busy working mom, I don’t often have time to go all out with homemade goodies and treats for the holidays. I don’t make homemade presents for Christmas, I don’t make homemade cards for Valentine’s Day, and I don’t hand-fill eggs for Easter. 

But just because I don’t have the time or energy to drag out the glue gun and craft supplies, doesn’t mean I settle for generic gifts. Oh no! I pride myself on being the “lazy mom” that still pulls off unique gifts for every holiday.

And this Easter is no exception.

I’ve decided I’m over the candy filled plastic eggs. For one, the last thing my daughter needs is more sugar, and for another, what candy she doesn’t eat sits in our candy bowl untouched until the next holiday. So does that mean I’ll be hand-stuffing eggs with non-edible goodies? Of course not. I went straight to the online shops, adding to the cart lots of pre-filled eggs, containing fun toys and sensory items.

A couple of my favorite pre-filled Easter egg finds:

Bubble Eggs

What child doesn’t love bubbles? We will definitely make full use of these during the spring and summer months! Another plus is that these are the perfect size to tuck into a purse or diaper bag to pull out during an impromptu park date!

Play Dough Eggs

Play dough is big hit in our house! The entire family loves spending time making creations and experimenting with different color combinations. These would also make a great gift for school or daycare friends!

Kinetic Sand 

Just like play dough, we also love kinetic sand. It’s a little messier, but all the more fun! These will likely be more of an outside toy. Maybe clean out the an old tub or sensory bin and watch the magic unfold.

Princess Doll Eggs

I’m willing to bet this one will be my daughter’s favorite! She’s very much into the doll and princess phase. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she cracks open an Easter egg to find a tiny princess doll! My daughter is also very much into collecting things, so I’m sure she will insist on collecting them all.

Tiny Car Eggs

The whole family will be having a post egg hunt car race with these fun, miniature cars and planes! These will be fun for boys, girls, moms, and dads! 

These are just a few ideas of some of the alternative, pre-filled eggs available online. While picking out the stuffings and filling Easter eggs yourself is so thoughtful and special, not everyone has the time or energy. I am very intentional with my shopping. I look for things that will be engaging, fun, and involve the whole family, and while that’s not homemade, it is pretty special!



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