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Maryville, TN, USA
200 East Broadway Avenue Maryville Tennessee 37804 US

Are you overwhelmed with schooling this year? We have you completely covered! With our Christain Church Related School, combined with our online courses, you don’t need to do anything else! That’s right, take a deep sigh of relief. Unless of course…you want to – Anything else you choose to do is bonus material for your learner. Our in-person curriculum includes all of the core classes designed according to your learner’s individual level (math, science, reading, social studies, Bible). Online classes expand upon these as learners can choose which classes they enjoy taking or need more practice with. Extracurricular online courses could include music, art, foreign language, ASL, political science, apologetics and more. Can’t join us in person? Sign up for à la carte online classes – you can even join the school in semester long live classes. 

Registration is open for Fall 2022 semester! Online classes begin October 6th and in-person classes begin October 17th. Registration free includes all curriculum for the entire year.

Mission Statement: To provide a safe and fun space for learners to get a well rounded Christ centered education.

Who We Are: A Christian hybrid teaching platform that includes a variety of classes both in-person and online. While the world is teaching our children that genders are subjective, science disproves God’s existence and we need to separate God from schools – we will teach children how to defend their beliefs, that science can coincide with God’s beautiful creation and be able to stand firm in their faith backed by logic, facts and science. As more learners are transferring to online education, there is a lack of Christian courses.

We’ve got you covered! We provide a large variety of engaging core classes including math, reading, science, social studies, history, government and are adding new courses all the time. We foster a strong belief in independence therefore providing many life skill courses including homesteading, financial independence, farming and entrepreneurship. Often children that are brought up in Christian homes still can turn away from God later in life, that is why we offer apologetics courses to build a strong and unshakable foundation.

Statement of Faith: We do not have an official statement of faith as we accept all Christian denominations.

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