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Growing a baby is a miracle….birthing a baby is an athletic feat… “a marathon of sprints”…thus your training should be designed in this format

When you reach ~20 weeks gestation, it’s time to establish care with a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist.

Your Pelvic Health Therapist will assess your body function, then design and teach you exercises to utilize as you progress through pregnancy, and educate you in coordination of your pelvic floor with breath work in preparation for delivery.

Additionally, pelvic floor therapy can help you learn how to safely optimize cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength to prepare for the demands of labor/delivery and postpartum tasks.

Main physical goals include:

  • optimize hip mobility

  • ensure deep core activation in daily tasks

  • strengthen posterior chain musculature (to prepare for lifting/carrying of baby)

  • ensure proper coordination of pelvic floor muscles synchronized with breathing

Research supports the claim that staying active during your pregnancy will improve outcomes in labor & delivery…let’s fast track your recovery and get you feeling better as quickly as possible!

Research supports pelvic floor therapy as a minimally invasive treatment option that should be used as a first-line method for treating various types of pelvic floor dysfunction.

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