Birth Doula

Harriman, TN, USA
301 North Roane Street Harriman Tennessee 37748 US

My name is Karen Vacaliuc, and I am a birth doula, connecting families through birth. I offer doula services in the Anderson, Knox, Morgan, and Roane Counties. I am passionate about mothers, babies, and family. I also have a deep desire to empower women through positive experiences of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.

I know that the support I can give to mothers-to-be and their partners, during pregnancy and childbirth, can help make their experience less stressful, more informed, more comfortable, and more satisfying. One quote that I have read before stays with me. “The motherhood ideal is impossible to achieve because it ignores reality. Babies don’t need super mothers, they just need good mothers.” (author unknown) In working together with families, I hope to create a more healthy and satisfying approach to family dynamics in its early stages.

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