Content with Two


As I’m standing in my kitchen cooking dinner and listening to my kids playing in the other room, I can’t help but think how nice this is.  They have become pretty self sufficient and independent (to a degree), even at 5 and 7.  And, as I am alone in the kitchen, I can’t help but to think back to when they were babies.  I would have one on my hip as I was trying to cook.  And you know what…I don’t want to do that again.

I remember after having our daughter and knowing that I wanted more children.  It was when she was about 3 months old that I thought, “I can see how women can get pregnant so close together.”  I was feeling good and starting to think I had this “mom” thing down.  So for those of you with children in that 12-15 month age range, I so get it!

Fast-forward a short 26 months after having our son, and it was a different story.  First off, the first 6 months seemed like a blur to me.  I know those months happened because I made sure to take photos.  Sometime after we finally got into a good routine with two kids in the house, someone asked me if we wanted more kids, and my answer was…NO!

It’s not that I had hard pregnancies or labors.  Or that the kids were extremely fussy or anything.  It was just the opposite – uncomplicated (minus delivering four weeks early), quick and easy labors, good feeders, etc.  It was just that I knew I didn’t want any more kids.


(Us during the six months of haze after #2)

I’m not sure exactly what made the change in me, but I just had this feeling in my heart that I wouldn’t be a good mother to three kids.  It just wasn’t something I could see for myself.  Part of it may be selfish on my part in that I do like my sleep and having control over my body (as opposed to growing someone inside for nine months and then feeding them from 6-12 months after that). But whatever the reason, I am a mom to two kids and that is enough for me!


Our Family of Four

On a side note, I’m not saying that if the good Lord didn’t take matter in his own hands, and we ended up with a third, that I wouldn’t love him or her with all my heart.  It would just take a lot of praying and effort on my part.  So until that happens, I am perfectly content with my two!

How about you?  When did you know you were done having kids?


  1. I have 4 kids, and I know I want 1 more. I love our busy life, and I want a house full of teenagers coming and going. I love seeing the relationships that develop between my kids, especially when a new baby comes along. I feel that, as a SAHM, I am able to give them all the attention they need/deserve on a day-to-day basis. But, I also am so confident that 5 is the number, that when I go in for my c-section, I will have the dr. tie my tubes. Not sure how to explain it, but I know 5 is where we will stop!

    • Sarah, that is awesome to want 5 kids!! I love the idea of a house full if kiddos – I hung out at one of those houses in high school, and I am still best friends with her!! Love all those babies and cherish every moment if it!!


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