Bunny Bait: An Easy and Fun Easter Treat


 Bunny Bait: An Easy and Fun Easter Treat

Easter is this weekend, and I have a super simple treat you can make for your kids or family and friends. When I say easy, I mean just that; buy the ingredients, open the ingredients, dump the ingredients, and put them in a bag. Boom!

Here are the ingredients I found to add to my Bunny Bait:


-Bunny grahams

-Peanuts (I used a mix of honey roasted and unsalted because I had them on hand)

-Yogurt covered fruit

-Pastel M&M’s (these were with all the Easter candy)

-Hershey’s chocolate eggs (again, with the Easter candy)

I think adding some gummy candy shaped like carrots or chicks (the local Dollar Tree stores have these out right now) would be extra cute as well. The resulting mix isn’t overly sweet, which is perfect for my crew since they’ll be getting lots of candy this weekend already.

I opened the bags and dumped all the ingredients in a large bowl and mixed them around. You can choose to put these in cute little Easter themed bags and tie with ribbon, fill eggs with the mix, or have them in a cute dish on your Easter table!

I hope you enjoy this simple treat and have a restful and restorative weekend.

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