Beehives for Knoxville Mama Bears


Beehives for Knoxville Mama Bears

Fellow mothers, pollination season is among us! While we can all agree that we are excited for warmer weather, we can equally agree that we’ve been paying with sneezes and allergies, thanks to our lovely bee nation. But that’s OK! There is always a silver lining in every situation:

In this case, it’s the BEES!

Knoxville is a beautiful place to live and offers much greenery, and we have our bee friends to thank for that. However, it’s a known fact that bees are becoming extinct. It’s exciting to see an increase in lobbyists and educators working to reverse this path, even here in Knoxville. While spring season is here, and with summer soon approaching, now is a great time to educate our little ones and get involved in the bee community in Knoxville, starting in our very own backyards.

Here are some education projects to help teach about bees:

  • Plant herbs and flowers that attract bees (Heliotrope, Lavender, Borage, Calendula, Sunflower, Aser, Snowdrop, Poppy, Sage, Sweet Alyssum, Buttercup, Geranium, Thyme, Fennel, Cilantro, Crocus, Hollywick, Zinnia); Knoxville offers many educational classes to help teach children about growing fresh organic produce.
  • Welcome bees into your garden: build a bee house.
  • Hydrate our pollinators: build a watering station.
  • Visit local farmers’ markets to taste authentic honey and education our children.

For more information, visit the Beekeepers Associations of Tennessee.

Below you will find a list of beekeepers in our area. Many beekeepers are excited for visitors and wish to help educate future generations about bees. It’s fun and EDUCATIONAL.

Anderson County Beekeepers

Third Monday at 7pm

Clinton Community Center on Hicks Street

Contact: Pres Andrea Souza


[email protected]

Bee Friends

First Thursday at 6:30pm

Walter State Campus on Hickory Street

Contact: Jay Heselschwerdt


[email protected]

Blount County Beekeepers

Second Monday at 6:30pm

Christian Church across from Foothills Mall

Contact: Chuck Davis


[email protected]

Cherokee Beekeepers

Fourth Tuesday at 7pm

Co-op on Congress Parkway in Athens

Contact: Mike Coulter


[email protected]

Clinch Valley Beekeepers

Third Thursday at 7pm

Volunteer Fire Department

Contact: Lloyd Snelson


[email protected]

Cumberland County Beekeepers

Last Thursday 7pm

First United Methodist Church in Crossville

Contact: Terry Brooks


[email protected]

Davy Crockett BeeKeepers

Fourth Monday 7:30pm

First Presbyterian Church of Greenville

Contact Woody Fike


[email protected]

Heritage Club of Hawkins Country

2nd Thursday 6:30pm

Shepard’s Center in Rogersville

Contact: Ace Ely


Jefferson County Beekeeper

Second Monday at 6pm

County Extension Office in Dandridge

Contact: Rick Pinkerton


Knox County Beekeepers

First Monday 7pm

New Harvest Park Comm Building

Contact: Lynda Rizzardi


Monroe County Beekeepers

Second Tuesday at 6:30pm

Hiwassee College

Contact: Bob Wilson


[email protected]

Ocoee Beekeepers

Third Tuesday at 7pm

Benton Municipal Building

Contact: Ron Stepherson


[email protected]

Roane Morgan Beekeepers

Second Tuesday at 7pm

Roane State Community College – Vann Student Center

Contact: 865.599.0191

[email protected]

Sevier County Beekeepers

First Monday 7pm

King’s Library in Sevierville

Contact: Dennis Barry


[email protected]

Tennessee Valley Beekeepers

Fourth Monday 7pm

Red Bank Presbyterian Church

Contact: Amanda Turner


[email protected]

Wilson County Beekeepers

First Monday 7pm

James E. Ward Center in Lebanon

Contact: Carey Mitchell


[email protected]

Let us know if you visit one of these beekeepers! We’d love to hear about your experience!


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