How I Became a Planner Addict


Months ago, I saw a humorous video on Facebook showing the different kinds of moms. I thought none of the stereotypes really fit my mom style to a tee, but I had a flash of panic when I saw one: the hot mess mom. That’s the mom who is always late, wearing clothes with spit up on them, and has definitely forgotten something. Now I’m not saying I haven’t been there…I think we all have to embrace being a hot mess sometimes…BUT I do everything in my power to not be that mom.

How do I keep myself from being a hot mess mom?

Other than leaving super early for events and appointments, taking a shower, and doing laundry on occasion, the answer is simple: my planner.


My planning journey started when I was in middle school and I was introduced to planning via an agenda that was handed out. We were expected to keep it on us at all times and write down homework assignments or tests coming up, etc. As I continued school, I kept some sort of planner to keep myself prepared and on task. Once I left school, I didn’t stop.

I’m not necessarily a forgetful person, but I can be a little scatterbrained at times. My brain goes a mile a minute and I can forget something I was just thinking of writing down in a second flat when my brain wanders to something else I have to remember to do. As a mom, I think that this phenomenon has only gotten worse: enter my current planner situation.

I now use my planner for literally everything, so I can keep my hot mess mom moments to a minimum. I write down chores that need to be done, school events, my kids’ milestones, and even my meal plan. I would forget everything if I didn’t write it down and I mean that literally. I have a butter crock that has to have the water changed every few days or the butter will mold. If I forget to write it down in my planner, I forget to do it.

If you are a scatterbrained, almost hot mess mom like me, planners will save your life.

It can also double as a really fun hobby and creative outlet if you venture into decorative planning like I have.


There are tons of options for planners nowadays too. Target has some really gorgeous ones. You can get a Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Then there are Plum Paper planners, Kikki Ks, Emily Ley, and so many more. My planner/weapon of choice is the Erin Condren. I’ve had one for four years now and it is like my third arm/hand. It is an extension of me.

I’m Sarah and I am a Planner Addict! xo

If you are interested in decorative planning, I post pictures on my Instagram and personal blog, Rocky Top Real Talk, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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