Be The Person Who


Be The Person Who

Last week, I found myself silently using the phrase “I want to be that person” as I saw small acts around me. None were related to size, status, clothing or other material goods. It was an internal reaction I was having to other people doing good in the world. As a mom, I find that we let others/the media/blogs/magazines/the internet tell us who we should be, often with unattainable goals.

So in honor of all whom I saw doing good last week, I’ve made the following list of who I can be, with little effort, but concentrated attention to my actions and words. I can…

Be the person who:

  • Emails or texts friends to let them know I’m thinking about them
  • Reaches out to create community, instead of waiting for community to come to me
  • Smiles at a mom who is in the trenches
  • Takes the neighbors an extra serving of whatever I’m baking
  • Is happy with the small differences I can make
  • Gives a compliment when it’s deserved

Be the wife who:

  • Let’s him parent his way
  • Is grateful for a partner
  • Says thank you for all the efforts
  • Doesn’t fuss about the small things
  • Focuses on my husband more than the to do list

Be the mom who:

  • Says “I love you” more
  • Lets the kids catch fireflies instead of going to bed
  • Teaches my kids right from wrong
  • Models polite, respectful behavior, instead of demanding it
  • Puts my phone down and watches the world instead of documenting it
  • Tells the kids something great about themselves before they fall asleep

What little things can you do to become the person you want to be?


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