Baby Items I’m Not Buying (And What I’m Using Instead)


Baby Items I'm Not Buying (And What I'm Using Instead)My due date with my third baby is quickly approaching, and I am in full on preparation mode. It has been several years since I had my last baby, so I am basically starting from scratch with all the baby things. I have always been a little bit of a minimalist when it comes to baby items, but this time around I am even more selective.

Here are some baby items I won’t be buying (and what I’m using instead):

A fancy bassinet. There are some nice bassinets out there with the price tags to match. As sweet as they are, this is just not something I am going to buy. The baby will be in the bassinet for such a short amount of time, it just isn’t worth the investment for me. Instead, I’ll be using a pack and play with a bassinet insert. This will get us through those first couple months when the baby is sleeping in our room. Once he outgrows the bassinet, he will sleep in his crib and we can keep using the pack and play for travel.

Diaper genie. I actually never had a diaper genie and I’m not getting one now. I don’t mean to sound snarky, but a plastic grocery bag will work just fine. Any messy diapers will go straight to the outside trash.

Wipes warmer. Yeah, I never used one of those either. My babies just got used to a room temperature wipe. Plus, this third baby will be tagging along wherever the siblings are, so there will be a lot of diaper changes on the go.

Diaper bag. I love a good bag and there are so many cute diaper bag styles, but this is something that I just don’t find necessary. I had a diaper bag with my first, then tried a different kind with my second. I just never stuck with a style I really liked. Instead, I will be using a backpack that I use for field trips and other kid-friendly excursions. I found a cute portable changing clutch that can fit inside or be carried separately. I’ll add a pack of wet/dry bags for organization and we will be all set. The bonus is that I can easily change the contents to any other bag so I will be ready for whatever adventures await.

Excess clothes. This is a hard one because I love clothes and I love putting babies in sweet little outfits. But I bought WAY too many clothes for my first two and there were so many things they never got to wear. This time around, I’m sticking with onesies, sleepers, and one or two sweet picture outfits for the first few months. I’m also not buying baby socks or shoes, because the baby just isn’t going to keep them on his feet.

Bath gear. This time around, I won’t be purchasing a baby bath, baby towels, or a baby robe. I had those things with my other babies and I found that I just didn’t need them. Instead, I will just bathe the baby in the sink or in very shallow water in the tub and use regular towels. (OK. I may get one hooded towel because they are so incredibly cute, but I’m not going crazy with them.)

Boppy. I had and used a Boppy pillow with my first child, but I didn’t use it much with my second. I’m skipping it this time. Instead, I purchased a multi-use pregnancy pillow that converts into a nursing pillow. It has been so nice to use for sleep comfort during my pregnancy, so even if I don’t need it for nursing, it will be money well spent.

Those are the things I’m not buying, but there are also a few fun things on my list:

Pretty baby gear. I have never been a fan of bright plastic baby gear, but now there are some beautiful toys and baby items that fit right in with home décor. They may not be a necessity, but I am excited about them. If I have an activity gym or other baby toys, they might as well be pretty!

Nursery decor. I have really been enjoying setting up the nursery. By being intentional with my baby purchases, I have been able to stretch my budget and keep things more organized.

Personalized items. I love a good monogram, and I have had so much fun ordering some personalized items for this little one. Not a necessity, but pretty sweet!

Of course, the thing I look forward to the most is holding my sweet baby. No matter what I buy or don’t buy, he will have lots of love. What do you think of my list? Is there anything you would add?


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