Hi! I’m Sara, former early childhood teacher turned stay at home mom to two girls and a boy (2013, 2016, and 2018). My husband and I got married in 2010 and are both ETSU alumni. Despite being born here, I grew up all over the country as the daughter of a military family, only finally moving back to the area in 2014. The mountains of East Tennessee were calling us home! I love all that Knoxville has to offer young families in the way of festivals, events, outdoorsy adventures and charm. When we’re not striking off on a weekend excursion to the Farmer’s Market or a new hiking spot, I can be found in my kitchen nurturing a semi-professional baking obsession or curled in the living room with a book. I love getting to write for and be part of this supportive community of moms!

Trying to Raise a Daughter Without Body Image Issues is Healing My Own

"I hate the way my thighs look in leggings." "I can't leave the house without makeup to cover my awful skin." "I never wear sandals. My toes are too ugly and misshapen." "I wish...

Please Don’t Force Your Daughter to Wear Giant Hair Bows

The first time time I heard the term "bow bootcamp" my daughter was just a year old. A friend, who also had a one year old girl, mentioned that a mutual acquaintance at church...

I Was a Walking Mombie: Why Co-Sleeping Was the Safer Choice for Us

During a time when many of my memories are filtered through the hazy fog of sleepless nights with a small infant, the day I decided to become a co-sleeper is one that stands out...
Hosting a Tea Party Fit For a Queen

Hosting a Tea Party Fit for a Queen

I was recently scrolling through Pinterest late at night with a sleeping toddler under one arm, as one does, when I came across a recipe for homemade clotted cream. Memories of a high school...