Sara Hill

Sara Hill
Hi! I’m Sara, former early childhood teacher turned stay at home mom to my four year old daughter and one year old son. My husband and I have been married for seven years and are both ETSU alumni. Despite being born here, I grew up all over the country as the daughter of a military family and I’ve only been back in the area for three years. I love all that Knoxville has to offer young families in the way of festivals, events, outdoorsy adventures and charm. My hobbies include single-minded obsession of Disney movies, partying at all hours of the night, drenching the bathroom in water during baths and hunger strikes. No, wait, sorry, that’s my kids’ list. Mine includes baking, reading, Netflix-ing and Pinterest-ing. And, ok, I love a good musical as well as the next four year old.

Mourning the End of the Baby Days

I always planned to have four kids. I am one of three (two girls, one boy) and growing up, I watched my brother feel left out without another boy in the mix. I told...

I Love When Strangers Point Out My Hands Are Full

I feel like the conversation around how to support overwhelmed moms of young children has come a long way in the almost seven years since I became a mother. A quick search turns up...

My New Year’s Anti-Resolutions

Nobody makes me feel seen or normalizes all the crap my body, life and marriage have gone through since having kids quite like the brilliant comedic minds at Scary Mommy. I recently saw an...

The Honor Of Being Mom

My ten-month-old was sick this entire past week. What began as a cold turned into a double ear infection with antibiotic-induced diarrhea, and then she rounded it out by catching roseola complete with high...

Dad Privilege

There has been a lot of talk about white privilege in recent years so you may be familiar with the concept. Good ol' Wikipedia describes white privilege as "the societal privilege that benefits white...

When Sharing is NOT Caring: Photo Etiquette for Social Media

Family and friends, we get it. We know you want to spread the joy that looking at our kids' pictures gives you to someone else and brighten their day. We know you want to...

My Social Media IS a Highlight Reel and That’s How I Like It

There is no shortage of articles floating around the mom blogosphere about the inaccuracy of comparing your day-to-day life with the carefully curated life you see others present via their social media accounts. The...

I Haven’t the Time, Money, or Desire to Cover My Greys

Have y'all heard about grombre? My sister-in-law, whose style is one of the myriad of things I've always admired about her, alerted me a while back to this new trend of letting your grey...

Helping Young Kids Build Social Capital

I inadvertently let our family's social calendar for this past week become frightfully overcommitted. As I took stock of all the things I'd said yes to, at separate times, and without connecting that they...

Unmedicated Childbirth is my Extreme Sport

"This was simply the wall. Every time you ran a marathon, you hit a wall. The wall was both a physical and a mental barrier, but it could be overcome (carb-loading, hydration, focus on...

The Case for Postpartum Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

If you're a mom, you're a member of a special club. Membership comes with plenty of perks: an endless supply of hilarious stories about toddler antics to tell at parties, lightning quick reflexes that...

Give it Time

I attended a baby shower a couple weeks ago. At the sign in table, there were slips of paper for guests to write down some wisdom or advice for the soon-to-be parents. I've participated...