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Three's a Crowd?

Three’s a Crowd?

We're wheeling through the store. My two boys are riding in the shopping cart, and my daughter is by my side chatting away and helping to put things in the buggy. My youngest one cries briefly for...

When Should Your Child See An Orthodontist?

As an orthodontist, I am often asked by other mothers questions like, “Does my son/daughter need braces?” and “When should my child see an orthodontist?” While the answers to these questions vary from child...

Choosing Forgiveness

Forgive and forget. That is the mantra we are taught from a young age. Forgiveness is pounded into our brains and yet many of us are never properly taught how to forgive. We recite...

5 Tips on Keeping Your Children’s Teeth Healthy

Parents magazine noted that for the first time ever, cavities are on the rise among 2-5 year olds, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, even though the overall rate of tooth...

Summer Reading, Summer Fun!

Summer is here! As the long, lazy days stretch out before us, some of us may find ourselves asking "How in the world are the kids and I going to entertain ourselves all day?"...

The Wife of a First Responder

The wife of a first responder knows lots of sleepless nights She knows phone calls mean trouble and silence is golden But praying he will be alright. *** The wife of a first responder keeps the doors locked...