Katherine Birkbeck

Hi friends, I'm Katherine! I'm a mom of twins - the sassiest little girl and the funniest little boy. They keep my husband Jay and I (15 years and counting) on our toes for sure but sometimes it's our fur baby, beagle and super dog Peter, that is the one causing all the trouble. But only sometimes. I'm also a photographer and I have loved being a small business owner for the last 13 years. Saying that makes me feel old! We have a crazy, busy life with a lot of love and we love calling Knoxville home.

The Unlikely Crossfitter

Some days I wake up and I don’t know who I am. I’ve become the person who sets her alarm for 5am and is up before it goes off because I’m too excited to...

Life Lessons from Disney

  This is not another how to do Disney blog post. I’m probably one of the least qualified moms to write that seeing that I just took my almost seven-year-old twins to Disney for...

Facebook Makes Me a Liar

Over the summer, the kids and I made a habit of sleeping in and as soon as my two beautiful children woke up, they would crawl into my bed for a little while. Every...

I Can Learn to Love This Season

There are people in this world who live for summer. Summer is seen as providing a laid back lifestyle that comes rushing in with the warmer weather and kids running quickly home from their...

Celebrating Love with the Past :: Ideas for Your Child’s Wedding Day

At night, when it’s just me and my six-year-old daughter lying in her bed and talking about the day, my dreamer of a girl likes to ask about her daddy and me. She asks...

Murder Mystery Podcasts I Love

I am a lot of things -- mom to twins, wife, business owner -- but now I can proudly add expert detective and lawyer to this list. Ok, not really, but after listening to...
Punching Out Parkinson's in Knoxville

Punching Out Parkinson’s in Knoxville

"Parkinson’s is mean. Parkinson’s disease is vicious. It pulls no punches and it doesn’t fight fair. It can be embarrassing. It can be isolating. It can cause depression and apathy. It wants to shrink...