Jennie Miller

I'm a writer living in the rolling foothills of East Tennessee. When I'm not running or reading, I'm homeschooling my two boys and enjoying life with my husband. Together, we love to travel, watch F1, and root for the Green Bay Packers. My other loves are our bluetick hound, Major, and our fat black cat, Salem. Unfortunately, they hate each other. Read more at

Savor the Moments When They Happen

Raising a teenager, so far, can be summed up with two words: emotional whiplash. My relationship with my 14-year-old is a sweet one. He still talks to me, confides in me, and wants my opinion...

Choose Your Words Carefully

In honor of National Adoption Month, take a little advice from a real mom. When my husband and I married in October 2000, we took one full year to enjoy being newlyweds. By Christmas 2001,...

Five Books to Read Alongside Your Kids

In a perfect world, we are reading what our kids read, watching what our kids watch, and listening to the music they love, but the reality is that our preferences don’t always align. I,...

Five Things You Need to Parent Your Middle Schooler

When your child shifts from an elementary age child to a pubescent middle schooler, it can catch you off guard. The shoes you just bought him don’t fit three months later. A potent body...

No Rest for the Weary: Middle School Lessons in Teaching Respect

There I sat, in the cushy corner of the couch at the end of a terrible weekend for our country. Charlottesville had just happened. It was Sunday night, and I was tired. Not the...