Jennie Miller

I'm a writer living in the rolling foothills of East Tennessee. When I'm not running or reading, I'm homeschooling my two boys and enjoying life with my husband. Together, we love to travel, watch F1, and root for the Green Bay Packers. My other loves are our bluetick hound, Major, and our fat black cat, Salem. Unfortunately, they hate each other. Read more at
The Long, Colorful Journey with Autism

The Long, Colorful Journey with Autism

Our second son was born smiling. Actually, I don’t know that to be completely true since I wasn’t in the room when he was born, but by the time we got custody of him...

Letting Your Child Fail and Other Impossible Feats

Recognizing the importance of letting your child fail and watching it unfold in front of you are two very different things. In my younger days of motherhood, I boldly touted the importance of letting your...

Check Yourself: Make a Dermatologist Appointment Now

Eight years ago, my husband saw a spot on my back that he’d never seen before. I’d just gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around me when I felt his...

A Letter to My Son, the High Schooler

Dearest Firstborn, you are the lucky one. Your father and I have tried out all of our best intentions on you. The rules, the freedoms, the second-guesses. You are our greatest experiment. And now, here...

So you Think you Want to Homeschool: Five Things you Should Know

When we decided to homeschool our boys for the 2011-2012 school year, one in second grade, the other in Kindergarten, it was mostly an experiment. I’d talked to other homeschooling moms about curriculum and...

Nurture Your Tribe

Twenty years ago, on a trip to New York City for a college journalism conference, I became friends with two girls who were on the newspaper staff with me. Though we’d interacted in the...

Reflections on the Doorstep of Forty

The birthday notifications on Facebook are one of my favorite features of that pesky, obnoxious social media site. Weed through the garbage and there are good things to find -- updated family photos, announcements...