Crystal Rosecrance

Hi, I am Crystal and I am an East Tennessean! I am wife to Matt, and mom to Billie (age 18), Conjoined twins Joshua and Caleb (who are 11 years in heaven), Harper Grace (age 8), and a Boxer named Blue. I love coffee, soup, cool fall days, boots, and scarves. I love to share my heart and share the funny things that make motherhood so grand!

Goulash: How I Stopped Throwing Groceries Away

Did you know Americans throw away 40% of their groceries?!! WHAT?? That's just insane. And I am insane for being part of this statistic. This is how I stopped throwing groceries away: gou·lash/goo·laSH noun: a highly...

Christmas Traditions: Christmas Morning Brunch

My family began a really awesome tradition several years ago: Christmas Morning Brunch. When I was little, my entire family joined together for a big lunch of turkey and ham at my grandparents' home in...

Loss Can Make or Break You

Loss can either make or break you; it is what you do with it that decides. It was a Friday evening eight years ago as I checked out at the Mexican restaurant we had frequented...

Switch Witch: What To Do With Halloween Candy

  Wondering what to do with all that Halloween candy? Allow me to introduce you to the Switch Witch. I don’t know about your kids, but candy makes my kids CRAY CRAY. Chocolate is the worst,...
For the Love of Soup

For the Love of Soup: Second Edition

Oh, for the love of soup - warm, creamy, healthy - no wonder it is my favorite way to eat a meal. I love that you can get all your protein, veggies, and even...

Dress Code or Shame Code: Enforcing Outdated Rules

Knox County Schools have a dress code, but after ten years in the school system, I wonder if it is a dress code or a shame code. Some of the rules are outdated, targeted...
Taco Tuesday Recipes

Taco Tuesdays

My family loves tacos. Like, we eat them at least once a week. So I was a little nervous to change it up on them, but I really wanted to try a healthier take...