Beth Wilkin-Waldmann

I’m a former TV news producer turned stay-at-home mom to my daughter Madeline and son Bennett. While I may stay at home, Madeline, Bennett and I are always on the go exploring Knoxville and making new friends. I'm a coffee addict, book lover, fashion-phile, occasional cook and bargain hunter. My guilty pleasures include Pinterest and bad reality TV. I believe a sense of humor is an essential survival skill. And--lucky me--my funny husband Andy always keeps me laughing. Follow me on Knoxville Moms as I chronicle this challenging and rewarding adventure we call motherhood!

My Fear–Her Fear?

My heart is thumping in my chest, I feel clammy. I want to drop to the ground and hold on for dear life, but every muscle in my body is frozen. I peer nine...

Working 9 to 5: When It’s Not Your Reality

See all those families at the park/festival/mall on weekends? Chances are I’m flying solo with baby in tow. It’s not by choice, but my husband’s work schedule—shift schedule to be precise. Yet I know...

My First Kiss (From My Daughter)

It was a lot like a teenager’s first kiss—open-mouthed, slobbery and one of us was caught totally off guard. Yet it somehow managed to be a profound and earth-shaking moment in the bleary-eyed beginning...

Losing Sleep Over Sleep Training

The digital clock glowing in the darkness of my daughter’s room read 3:21am. My 10-month-old and I had already been up two hours. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. I thought...