Beth Wilkin-Waldmann

I’m a former TV news producer turned stay-at-home mom to my daughter Madeline and son Bennett. While I may stay at home, Madeline, Bennett and I are always on the go exploring Knoxville and making new friends. I'm a coffee addict, book lover, fashion-phile, occasional cook and bargain hunter. My guilty pleasures include Pinterest and bad reality TV. I believe a sense of humor is an essential survival skill. And--lucky me--my funny husband Andy always keeps me laughing. Follow me on Knoxville Moms as I chronicle this challenging and rewarding adventure we call motherhood!
Stroller Solidarity

Stroller Solidarity

We lock eyes despite the Christmas crowds at West Town Mall. We smile at each other because we know. We know that if we take our little ones out of their strollers the weight...

TV is Bad for Kids (But That’s Not Stopping Me)

Against the advice of our pediatrician and countless studies, we let our 18-month-old daughter watch television. (Insert dramatic TV music here.) It’s not a decision we came to lightly. The fact I worked in...

My Fear–Her Fear?

My heart is thumping in my chest, I feel clammy. I want to drop to the ground and hold on for dear life, but every muscle in my body is frozen. I peer nine...

Working 9 to 5: When It’s Not Your Reality

See all those families at the park/festival/mall on weekends? Chances are I’m flying solo with baby in tow. It’s not by choice, but my husband’s work schedule—shift schedule to be precise. Yet I know...

My First Kiss (From My Daughter)

It was a lot like a teenager’s first kiss—open-mouthed, slobbery and one of us was caught totally off guard. Yet it somehow managed to be a profound and earth-shaking moment in the bleary-eyed beginning...

Losing Sleep Over Sleep Training

The digital clock glowing in the darkness of my daughter’s room read 3:21am. My 10-month-old and I had already been up two hours. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes. I thought...