Ashley Baker

Hey, I’m Ashley. I’m a wife to Matt, and mom to my precious kiddos, Evelyn (born 2013) and Theodore (born 2016). I’m a Tennessee native and Southern girl through and through. I’m pretty sure sweet tea and gravy run through my veins, and I’m on a mission to perfect my biscuit recipe. I love books, iced coffee, sharpies, and pretending I don’t see the ever growing laundry pile. My family is huge St. Louis Cardinals fans and we love playing team trivia. You can catch more of my adventures in taming the circus of motherhood over at 3 Mom Circus.

10 Things House Hunting Has Taught Me About My Marriage

My family has lived in Knoxville for almost four years, and this spring we decided to start looking for a home. Little did we know what was in store for us. The Knoxville real...