Snack Attack: Making Snack Time Stress Free


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My kids’ snacking habits are about to put me over the edge. Like they are legitimately driving me crazy. Can anyone else relate? I’m constantly playing the role as snack queen. No sooner do I get a meal cleaned up and then BOOM, the snacker attacks! Breakfast. Clean up. Play. Snack attack. Play. Snack attack. Lunch. Clean up. Snack attack. It is a vicious cycle, day in and day out. I don’t even know how many times a day I hear, “Mom, can I have a snack?”

Now don’t get me wrong… I will not deny my children food if they are truly hungry. I plan and prepare well-balanced meals and find so much joy in doing so on a daily basis. I do, however have a problem with my kiddos constantly wanting to eat out of habit, boredom, etc. Do my kids really need to constantly be shoveling food into their pie holes?

Here are three ideas that will help make snack time stress free:

1. Snack Chart

This is a simple chart that states what you are having for snack on that particular day. The sky is the limit on this one – you could choose the snack(s) that are being offered or you could have pictures of several different snacks and let your child choose from a chart.

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2. Daily Visual Schedule

Just like adults, children like to know what is being expected of them and to know what their day looks like. The idea behind the daily visual schedule is that you clearly outline what your child’s day looks like, so that they know what to expect. This is particularly helpful for snack times! This website has an awesome FREE PRINTABLE!

3. Snack Tray

Simply take a tray or special plate and place it on a level in the fridge or counter where your child can easily access it. On the tray you will display the snacks from which they can choose that day. (I usually plan on my kids having a morning snack, and afternoon snack and usually a little something to hold them over at around 4pm when their worlds start crashing in, they begin melting down and dinner is just too too far away for them to think logically. HA!) The concept here is that the kids can choose their own snack, they can get it (by themselves) when they feel like they need a snack, but when the snacks are gone-they are G-O-N-E.

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What have you found most helpful with snacking in your home? What are your kids’ favorite snacks?



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