April Fool’s Cupcakes


These wildly adorable corn on the cob cupcakes are the perfect trick for April Fool’s Day!

April Fool's Cupcakes

It’s crazy that we are already in March. January and February seemed to take years, but also where did they go?! I haven’t yet decided what treat I will make for April Fool’s this year because it is something new I started last year.

April Fool’s is such a fun holiday to pull very harmless pranks. I wouldn’t go as far as filling a donut with mayonnaise or anything, or saran wrapping anything (mind you, I’d probably end up sticking it to itself), but I do think treats are a fun way to go. I basically make treats for every other holiday and make them themed, so why not April’s Fool’s too?!

This April Fool’s treat is easy to make and has some pretty readily available ingredients, so don’t stress yourself out.

These are corn on the cob cupcakes. Cupcakes that look like corn on the cob. Literally the cutest thing I think I’ve ever made.

What you need:

  • Vanilla cupcakes
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Yellow Starburst candies
  • Yellow and white jelly beans
  • Black sanding sugar
  • Corn cob holders

I went the boxed cake mix route and the jar of buttercream made by Pillsbury (I believe). The most tedious part was picking out white and yellow jelly beans to cover the frosting. However, if you can find the Jelly Belly bag of just popcorn flavored jelly beans, that is the easiest and best route. I actually had some a few weeks prior to making the cupcakes, but had eaten them all. I love the Jelly Bellys for this because you get marshmallow and coconut and so many other good flavors for the yellow and white jelly beans.

I used a little frosting on the bottom of the yellow Starburst for the butter and then the final touches are just to sprinkle with a little black sanding sugar for pepper. Then line up three cupcakes and put a corn cob holder on either side of the three. And there you have it! Adorable April Fool’s corn on the cob cupcakes!

I didn’t really fool my kids and I’m sure most kids won’t be fooled by these cute cupcakes, however, they did look at me like I was crazy when I said we were going to have corn on the cob for snack. Because I have never once fixed corn on the cob for snack. As they came into the house, my kids saw the cupcakes and it took them walking up to them to really get that they weren’t going to eat corn on the cob for snack!

They thought it was the funniest, dorkiest mom prank ever and happily devoured their treat.

Spring and Easter are right around the corner, which means I’m also trying to prepare for gardening and making my yard all pretty for plastic eggs. Thankfully, my fellow contributors have my back. This DIY Seed Bomb tutorial is so rad and will definitely come in handy this year. I know my daughter will want to help me out with it. While we’re talking about Easter’s plastic eggs, I love Lyndsey’s post on 10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Eggs. I can’t tell you how many plastic eggs I have in my basement. I truly think they are multiplying.


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