An Ode to Summer


An Ode to SummerI used to hate summer. Of the four seasons, it ranked solidly a four out of four. I prefer cold over hot. I’m pale and burn easily. I have a propensity for sweating that is both uncomfortable and gross in the summer. All of these things added up to a miserably hot season.

But then my kids started getting older.

Summer was the time we got to be a little more laid back — no rushing out the door to school and appointments. My kids’ excitement for summer started to rub off on me and made me excited for summer too. Their pure joy over a swimming pool was contagious. They rubbed off on me, and I found myself enjoying the perks of summer. The long days of swimming and playing. The eating dinner at whatever time we want because it doesn’t really matter. No rushing to get the bedtime routine done, feeling that pressure of a good night’s sleep. The slow mornings where we can linger in bed, take our time eating breakfast, and getting ready — these are the things I love about summer.

An Ode to Summer

I love the extra relaxed time with my kids. I love the fun we’ve had at the pool, playing outside, riding bikes, being with friends, staying up late, and all the other summer fun we’ve gotten to have. I love the no big deal bedtimes and no alarms set for the morning. I love seeing my kids be kids just having fun.

I love summer.

And as most moms do, I now find myself in a slightly torn place. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to all of the things above that I love, but I am ready for school to start. I’m ready for my kids to go back. I’m ready for some more structure and routine. I’m ready for a new year for each of them.

I am so glad we had this fun summer. It makes transitioning to the school year a little bit easier when we can think back on all of the good times we had and the memories we made over the last two months.

So here I am, typing this up, thinking of how much I used to hate summer and now how much I love it. And I’m ready for school to start back next week, but I’m also really going to miss summer. I couldn’t be happier that I was turned from a summer hater to a summer lover.

Happy last week of summer break everyone!


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