A Slow Start: It’s Not Too Late To Find New Year Direction


A Slow Start: It's Not Too Late To Find New Year DirectionI never feel ready for the new year. In fact, I kind of feel a bit of whiplash from frantic holiday events that suddenly disappear, along with the sparkle and magical feel of the Christmas season. Our schools have a late return, so nothing feels like it’s back to normal. January catches me feeling out of routine, out of energy and generally out of sorts.

For this reason, I take a slow start to getting into my groove again. The entire month of January can be used to reset and refocus on our priorities.

I like to begin with a few simple questions:

What is working for me?
What isn’t?
What do I want more of in the next year?
What do I want less of?
Do I have any realistic goals with a plan?
Any wild dreams that I can consider moving towards?
Are there any milestone moments around which we need to plan (graduation/anniversary/birthdays/etc.)?
What am I looking forward to this year?

Last year, I had a high school and college graduate, a teen who started driving and another who moved away to college. There were many milestone moments. This year, there aren’t the same benchmark moments around which to structure our calendar. But the patterns and rhythms will be there: spring garden planting, summer school break, fall football, etc.

Take time to consider the direction things are moving in your home and family so that life doesn’t just happen, but is directed by your values and true goals. I no longer expect major overhauls or instant changes on January 1. Instead, I take note of what is working, what needs to shift, and then start moving in those directions. Year in and year out, I like seeing the shape of my life as it is refined to reflect me.

Get started. It’s not too late! Movement in a positive direction is better than feeling stuck. Often I feel paralyzed by all that I want to accomplish. The truth is, I don’t have to get it all done today. I simply need to get started.

I imagine that I’ll get more serious about my goals when my birthday rolls around next month. I hope that 2023 is already treating you well!


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