A New Children’s Book to Add to Your Collection: Hopkins Goes to the Beach


Knoxville Moms Blog is excited to share with our readers a new children’s book released earlier this year: Hopkins Goes To The Beach. The book was written by local Knoxville author, Jennifer Hultz!

Hopkins learns that even with all the excitement of visiting the beach, nothing compares to the love and security of his mommy! Bright ocean colors and playful rhymes come together in this beautiful dog story that is sure to garner lots of giggles and big hugs from the littlest of ones.

Hopkins Goes to the Beach

The book is great for ages 0-8. There is a rhyming, sing-songy cadence. The illustrations are very detailed, fun, and colorful, capturing the attention of all age ranges throughout the story. The moral of the book is the importance of always listening to your mommy, and that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, your mommy has such a strong, unconditional love for you. The book is incredibly fun for children and their parents to read!

What are people saying about the book?

“A great children’s book! My grandchildren love to read this over and over. After a few times, they had memorized much of the story and could read along with me. Really good message about a parent’s love and listening to their guidance. I would recommend it for anyone with small children and grandchildren!” Joe W.

“Hopkins Goes to the Beach is our family’s new favorite bedtime story! It’s a fun-filled, rhyming adventure that has very valuable lessons for the little ones: always listen to momma, don’t run off and momma loves you no matter what! The illustrations are just as fantastic as the story itself. It has stimulated our little guy’s imagination…he talks about Hopkins to his doggie and tells him that he and Hopkins are best friends! So much fun to read!” Lauren J.

“My boys loved this book because of the adventure Hopkins went on. I loved it because it has a good lesson about not running away from mommy. I call this book a win-win!” Suzy W.

Hopkins Goes to the Beach 1

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* Fido Fest: Turkey Creek, Saturday April 22nd 11am to 3pm

* Village Veterinary Medical Center Pet Fair: Saturday, May 6th 10am to 2pm

* Children’s Festival of Reading: World’s Fair Park, Saturday May 20th 10am to 3pm

* Barnes & Noble Local Author Event: Saturday, June 17th 1pm to 4pm


Jennifer Hultz grew up at the beach in Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She spent weekends and summers enjoying all that its beauty had to offer. She is a lover of Labs and all things crafty. Jennifer currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with her husband, three beautiful children, and Polar Bear Lab, Smokey.


Hopkins was Jennifer’s graduation present from her parents, Joe and Patti Winfree, when she completed her degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing in 2004. She traveled to the countryside of Virginia, outside of Richmond, to pick him out of a litter of new lab puppies when he was just six weeks old. He captured her heart when he stood out from the pack, exploring the land on his own, while the rest of his brothers and sisters chowed down ferociously on their dinner. They made the hour-long road trip back home with him tightly wrapped in a blanket, sleeping soundly. From then on, Jennifer and Hopkins were the best of travel companions. 

They traveled and settled their lives in many different areas: Richmond, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Washington, DC, West Palm Beach, FL and then to their final, forever home: Knoxville, TN.


A Hultz family vacation to the “Forgotten Coast” in September 2016 was an incredibly bittersweet moment in time for Jennifer. They had not been on a family vacation in over a year and a half, and never had had one with all three children. They were desperate for quality, relaxed time together and the vacation did not disappoint. The Hultz twins were at such a great age for discovering new things. At two and a half years old, every new experience was the ultimate high for everyone. It was also their baby’s first time ever seeing the beach!

The “Forgotten Coast” led them to experience almost all of the must-haves of being at the beach: beautiful sunrises and sunsets, crabs, sharks, seagulls, dolphins, stingrays, pelicans, sea turtles, building sandcastles, playing volleyball, sunbathing and relaxing, having lunch under an umbrella, fishing, surfing, and roasting and eating s’mores right on the beach. 

Everything was such a momentous activity for the kids, much of it being their first memorable experiences at the beach. Jennifer was in awe at the joy seeping from every pore of her children’s bodies. Nothing could dampen the light of this trip… Until that moment they got the devastating phone call from back home. Hopkins was sick. Suddenly, without warning… too sick to survive an immediate trip back home. Jennifer and her husband, Mark, had to make the gut-wrenching decision to let Hopkins go be at peace, without them at his side. Fortunately, one of Jennifer’s best friends, who had known Hopkins since he was a puppy, was able to be with him and FaceTime them during his last moments. Jennifer and Mark sat on the beach and talked to Hopkins, letting him know how much he was loved and appreciated, and were there with him during his last breaths. The anguish, the tears, the sadness, the love enveloped Jennifer and Mark.

In this moment, Jennifer knew she needed to honor Hopkins, their joint love of the beach, and her three beautiful children in a children’s book. Hopkins Goes to the Beach was born on September 27, 2016, the day Hopkins left this earthly life, and set out on his heavenly journey as their guardian angel.


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