25 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now


25 Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following Right NowI love finding inspiration, advice, humor, and reassurance on social media, especially Instagram. If you’re following the right accounts (along with some guilty-pleasures like @Britneyspears and @betches), Instagram can be a great resource to provide you with information and encouragement for any topic!

Here are 25 accounts I highly recommend that you follow and why:

1. @BigLittleFeelings

Don’t know what to say or how to act when your toddler throws the ultimate tantrum? This account offers great advice on what to do and why. It also reminds you that tantrums are normal and the way toddlers express emotions they don’t know how to regulate.

2. @BrunchwithBabs

I have picked up so many kitchen hacks and delicious recipes from Babs. One of my favorite hacks: have disposable muffin tins at holiday dinners for your guests to use for their leftovers. When they get home, they just pop the tin in the oven and everything reheats evenly.

3. @BusyToddler

I have SO many of these posts saved…literally for a rainy day! This account has great and easy ideas to enhance playtime with your toddler. My favorite: bath time popsicles.

4. @cleerelystated

This account is run by an author and mother. She posts daily affirmations and prayers that I always try to say out loud. Some of the posts are so good that I’ve printed them out and I display them under my desk glass at work.

5. @FeedingLittles

A dietitian and a food therapist offer great tips on how to get toddlers to eat healthy, try new foods, and more. From this account, I learned tips on how to help my son keep his water cup on the table — it worked!

6. @ForTheLoveofHomeschooling

This account offers a lot of great resources and tips for homeschooling littles. This information can be used for the non-homeschoolers as well.

7. @fruitsofmotherhood

This account will make you LOL.

8. @happytoddlerplaytime

Can you ever have too many toddler play time ideas? I love her sensory kit ideas and toy buying guides.

9. @herviewfromhome

This account is a great place to look for inspirational quotes and relatable memes. She provides great advice about raising tweens and teens too.

10. @Knoxvillemoms

DUH! No explanation needed.

11. @KnoxvilleParent

This local account features great activities to do around town with your family! Her highlights include Dollywood, Parks, GSMNP, Christmas lights, and more.

12. @LittlePineLearners

This account is a great reminder to get outdoors with your kids and explore all that nature has to offer! She shares great craft ideas too.

13. @momsandproud

This account focuses on the community of motherhood: “Dear mama, you are not alone! You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.”

14. @MomsOnCall

This account is a lifesaver for all of your baby and toddler FAQs. I’ve read the Moms On Call books, so this Instagram account is a great supplement.

15. @mother.ly

This account is made up of all-things motherhood! And a huge bonus: they frequently post the sweetest newborn baby photos.

16. @MotherCould

I love, love, love the activities and parenting hacks featured on this account. I mostly love them because she finds ways to make every activity easy-to-clean.

17. @ohsnapmacros

I recently started following this account in hopes that I would start eating healthier and counting macros. I have saved a lot of her posts that feature delicious, healthy food recipes.

18. @raisegoodkids

This is a podcast too, but these posts are filled with tips to encourage your child and how to recognize all emotions in the best ways.

19. @RaisingLittleTalkers

This account is run by a speech pathologist and mom. She provides insight on ways to encourage speech development among littles and offers free resources, such as a milestone checklist to make sure your child’s development is on track.

20. @shittymommymoments

The name says it all here. I love seeing the chaos of another mom’s world. It’s a great reminder that things aren’t always ‘social media’ perfect. This mama will make you laugh.

21. @SolidStarts

I was a nervous wreck when I started feeding my son solids. This account offers resources for healthy meals for your babies, no matter the age. It also provides great visuals on what size to cut different foods for specific ages.

22. @postpartum

This is another great community account that normalizes all parts of postpartum. It provides great fourth semester tips for moms who are in survival mode.

23. @TakingCaraBabies

If you have a baby that’s struggling with daytime or nighttime sleep, this will be your new favorite account. After following along with this program, I now feel like Cara and I are BFFs.

24. @TheLovinSisters

These sisters track popular Amazon Lightning Deals and share them daily. This account is great…just not for your bank account.

25. @things.i.bought.and.liked

The name of this account is pretty self-explanatory! Because of this account, I have found new nail polish colors, handbags, and more.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow and why?

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