12 Snacks Under 100 Calories


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Summer time means snack time to me.  We’re on the go, playing outside a lot, and just generally too hot to sit down and eat big meals.  In our family we snack a lot during the summer.  Since we snack so much, I want to make sure our snacks are quality food.  I like to make what we eat count, and I like to have snacks that are satisfying.  Here are my favorite snacks for 100 calories!

 12 Snacks Under 100 Calories

1.  25 baby carrots!  You get a lot of bang for your buck with carrots!

2.  2 cups of whole strawberries!

3.  1 slice of whole wheat toast with 1/2 tablespoon of strawberry jam.

4.  A banana.

5.  Part skim string cheese (85 calories).

6.  2 cups of diced watermelon.

7.  1 cup of red salsa is only 41 calories!  Pair with 4 large tortilla chips for a snack under 100 calories.  Or eat more tortilla chips for a still low calorie snack!

8.  20 bite-size pretzels.

9.  3 pita chips and 2 tablespoons of hummus.  Or even better, veggies and hummus dip.

10.  2 Hershey’s miniature chocolate bars are 86 calories — I like to do this when my sweet tooth is overruling my day.  I get my sweet fix in but don’t go over on calories.

11.  3 slices, which is 3 ounces, of deli turkey is just 88 calories.

12.  A small baked potato with one tablespoon of salsa.  

These are some of my favorite nutritional snacks, and I love them for a quick bite to eat that won’t break the calorie bank!  Not all snacks need to be 100 calories.  Sometimes we need snacks that are more substantial and have more nutrients in them than a 100 calorie snack can provide; however, sometimes snacks can be so unhealthy and full of junk — and that is what I want to avoid this summer. By keeping these snacks in mind, I know that I am eating nutritious and healthier options for me and my son.

Vegetables and fruit give you so much bang for your buck.  You will get to eat the most amount of food for the calories when you snack on things like baby carrots, strawberries, watermelon, and bananas.  You can’t go wrong with any fruit and vegetable choices. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, rich in fiber, and full of good nutrients that help our bodies. A slice of whole wheat toast with some strawberry jam can be very filling and is a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting whole grains in your diet.

Part skim string cheese is a good on-the-go snack.  It packs well in a cooler to take to the pool, zoo, beach, or park.  It also works well as a snack in the car, without making too much of a mess, and provides protein for building strong muscles and calcium for building strong bones.  It also counts as a serving of dairy for the day.

Salsa is one of my dream foods — both as a person and a Dietitian.  I love salsa — it’s full of flavor, the spice of it can be a kick to our metabolism, and it’s low in calories.  There’s so much you can do with salsa, too!  Chips and salsa, salsa on a baked potato, salsa on eggs, avocado and salsa.  So many options.

Pretzels are a handy snack on the go.  Grab a few handfuls to fill your stomach and still stay under 100 calories.  If you’re looking for a good dip, look no further than hummus.  It’s well loved and is an excellent dip for pita chips and an even better dip for vegetables!

I have a sweet tooth, y’all.  I try to ignore it, and then I’m worse off then I was before.  I love chocolate.  I function best when there is just a little bit of chocolate in my life.  But if I get one of those whole Hershey’s bars, I’m eating it all.  No restraint. That’s why the miniature bars are perfect!  I can have 2, satisfying my need for sweets, and still stay under 100 calories. Win-win.

Grabbing a few slices of a turkey is a perfect snack for me.  The protein makes me feel full, and it gives me the fuel I need for a little while.  It’s easy to grab a turkey slice while wrangling children or while running out the door.

And last but not least, the baked potato.  As a southern girl I find great food satisfaction in a baked potato.  Especially when it’s loaded with butter, sour cream, and salt.  But those are treats, not every day toppings.  Salsa can be an every day topping!  I feel full after eating a baked potato, and I love the flavor and moisture that salsa adds as a topping.  A small baked potato with salsa on top leaves me feeling full and is less than 100 calories which is crazy awesome!

For more nutrition blog posts, recipes, and healthy meal ideas — see my Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Talk page on my blog.

Happy Summer Snacking!


  1. I found a great snack (actually I’ve been eating as a side dish) that is low in calories–maybe even around 100.

    6 grape tomatoes
    One mozzarella string cheese cut up
    Torn basil leaves
    Tablespoon or less of balsamic vinegar (in vinegar aisle, not the vinegrette in the dressing aisle)

    Just mix all together & eat. A little low-calorie caprese salad that is quick and easy!!!

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