12 Recipes to Enjoy Before Your New Year’s Resolution Starts


Christmas isn’t here yet, so don’t shoot me! But as a busy mom of three, I plan ahead for New Year’s Eve so I don’t feel bombarded by the whiplash that happens after the Christmas dust settles. My family gets together and hangs out on New Year’s Eve and everyone brings different foods. We play games and enjoy each other’s company while we stuff our faces.

I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions – it’s just not my thing. However, tons of people do and a really popular, common resolution has to do with being healthier in the new year. Sometimes that resolution takes the form of cutting out soda, eating breakfast daily (I’m so guilty of skipping breakfast), exercising more, etc.

So before your healthy resolution starts, I have compiled a list of recipes of New Year’s Eve grub! Because it’s not cheating on your resolution if it’s the day before it starts, right?!

12 Recipes to Try Before Your New Year's Resolution Starts // knoxville.citymomsblog.com/

If New Year’s Resolutions aren’t your thing and you are just looking for some great recipes to try, this list is for you too!

  1. Atomic Buffalo Turds – These are sausage and cheese stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapenos. I got a batch of less spicy jalapenos when I did these last year, so my kids ate them up. I didn’t make up the name. I don’t know why they are called this, but my kids thought it was the funniest thing ever.
  2. Slow Cooker Chex Mix – My mom-in-law always makes chex mix in December and all of us kids love it so much. She is starting to run out of it earlier and earlier each year. Whoops.
  3. Cranberry Celebration Salad Copycat – Kroger sells this amazing salad that is incredible on a slice of toasted French bread with Brie cheese. If homemade isn’t your style, definitely pick some up when you go grocery shopping!
  4. Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip – It’s a classic, right?! I scoured the internet for a recipe without ranch dressing in it because Nick hates it. You can adjust the heat, which is always a plus with the kids!
  5. Sweet-Sour Cocktail Meatballs – Can we just talk about how addictive appetizer meatballs are? The ones with the grape jelly? *sigh* I didn’t think anything could top those, but these ones may take the cake!
  6. Bacon Crackers – This reminds me of the savory counterpart to saltine toffee. Only four ingredients for this recipe.
  7. Cherry Cheesecake Dip – I tend to make a lot of savory foods for our New Year’s Eve spread, but then I end up disappointed that I didn’t make anything sweet. I’ve remedied this in the past few years by making dessertish dips and cheeseballs! YUM!
  8. Turtle Cheeseball – Speaking of cheeseballs, this cheeseball is super easy to put together and can be made a day ahead. Perfect!
  9. Taco Snack Mix – A little twist on traditional Chex mix with Cheez-Its and oyster crackers…my kids would probably gobble it right up.
  10. Man Dip – Not just for men, but a super fantastic meaty dip that I am tempted to make literally any time I make appetizers. And if you don’t make it for New Year’s Eve, it’s perfect for a hungry Super Bowl crowd.
  11. Fresh Homemade Salsa – Along with other staples for New Year’s Eve, my family always has salsa. It’s especially good if you get some queso and some salsa on a chip.
  12. Chili’s Copycat Skillet Queso – This delicious queso recipe can go along with that homemade salsa. It is supposed to taste just like the real thing.

What are your family’s traditions for New Year’s Eve? Do you have specific recipes that you enjoy each year?


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