10 Inspiring YouTube Channels for Young Kids


Looking for an inspiring and educational YouTube channel for your kids to watch? Here are some of my family’s favorites:

Koo Koo Kanga Roo – A super fun channel full of wacky (and unbelievably catchy!) songs about everything from superheros to farting. The best part about these silly song based videos, is that they each come with easy to learn dance moves that get kids up and exercising without even realizing it!

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Promoting mindfulness and relaxation for kids (and who doesn’t need a little help with quiet time some days?!), this channel incorporates storytelling and step by step beginner’s yoga. They even have pop culture favorites like Frozen!

Hopscotch – This is a channel we use in our homeschool Every. Single. Day. It’s a wonderful resource for those general world education concepts, from everything like the continents and the oceans, to the water cycle. Those catchy songs are back again, and thanks to them, my three-year-old could name the seven continents in just two days…nice. 

WOW English TV – A cute British Pre-K level channel that tends to focus on word recognition and pronunciation (great for even my five-year-old who can has issues with that sometimes). They also have some cute holiday specific videos and Maggie the Magpie (a puppet) cracks us up to no end, so Mama can tolerate this one (always a plus).

10 Inspiring YouTube Channels for Young Kids

Mother Goose Club – Super popular and pretty self-explanatory, this channel makes for a great background source of entertainment. Plenty of classic nursery rhymes, dance moves, and an emphasis on treating others well can be found here. 

Scratch Garden – This channel is actually in line with Koo Koo Kanga Roo (mentioned above), but uses more animation and tends to focus more on education over just pure silly entertainment. We use this one daily too, specifically right now for The Vowel Song (they’ve found a great way to teach the difference between long and short vowels, if that’s something your kiddo gets stuck on). Be sure to check out their videos on bees, telling time and counting by twos, fours etc. too — all winners in our book!

AlphaBlocks – My go to resource for backing up our kindergarten lessons on blending letters and words. My kids love this one and it’s genuinely helping them grasp those concepts as we learn to read!

StoryBots – So many fun subjects are covered here, from outer space to dinosaurs. Cue more songs to get stuck in your head until the end of time, as well as cute animations and lovable robotesque characters. 

Ryan ToysReview – Most of us will know this channel by now (who could escape its reach?!) and it’s not one I would usually include in an education based line up, BUT the ABC Song on this channel was the catalyst for my oldest kiddo to finally grasp his letter sounds. We literally use their song format every single day to bridge the gap between letters and their sounds. It’s a good ‘un. 

Craft Factory – This is more of a fun, honorable mention, but it’s wholesome, it’s creative and it’s darn inspiring! This channel is crafts, baking and food decorating based (the pull apart cupcake DIYs have my kids mesmerized) and thanks to this, my five- and four-year-old boys have developed a love of baking, which I think is blummin’ fantastic!

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel to add to this list? Share with us by leaving a comment!


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